How Health And Safety Consultants Can Help You

How Health And Safety Consultants Can Help You

Health and Safety is an important consideration for many business owners. Working with external Health and Safety Consultants can deliver multiple benefits to your organisation, helping you to fully comply with the regulations and keeping your workplace and your staff safe. A consultant will be primarily responsible for conducting detailed inspections of your workplace, systems and processes in addition to designing strategies and programmes to enable your business to maintain high safety standards.

Under current legislation, employers have a legal obligation to ensure that employees are safe. They also have a responsibility to appoint a suitable person to assist with the implementation of health and safety regulations. This person can be recruited internally, or you can commission an external company such as a consultant to conduct the necessary assessments. One of the main benefits of working with an external consultant is that they can bring with them specialist health and safety knowledge to expertly evaluate your business. Ideally it is important that the consultant gets to know how your business operates and becomes familiar with your organisational policies, systems and processes.

A competent consultant can bring a lot to your business from ideas on good practice through to implementing new solutions. Businesses may for example require assistance on embedding a safety culture into the workplace, coordinating a health and safety campaign or delivering a training programme. Experienced and qualified consultants can bring their expertise to your business to offer specialist support in areas that are specific to your business such as asbestos awareness, or handling certain chemical substances. For instance, they can advise on protective clothing and equipment such as a papr respirator and gloves, eyemasks, and aprons that could be required to keep workers safe.

Health and Safety Consultants can deliver a range of services including:

Gap Analysis – An in depth gap analysis from a consultant will help you to identify your current situation in terms of health and safety and make recommendations to encourage continuous improvement and compliance. An audit can also assess how effective your Safety Management System is and help you pinpoint any gaps in legislation, best practice and areas of improvement to increase the performance of your business.

Ergonomics Inadequate workstations and poor health and safety awareness can result in a range of health problems for employees. A dedicated health and safety consultant who understands ergonomics can carry out reviews of Display Screen Equipment and workstations to ensure that staff are using them properly and they are more aware of good practice.

Health and Safety Management – All businesses require a competent person to oversee health and safety. A Consultant can take care of all your health and safety requirements, so you can focus on running your business.

Health and Safety Systems – Consultants can assist businesses of all sizes develop and implement robust health and safety management systems to ensure full compliance while improving safety and standards across the entire workforce

Risk Assessments – A consultant can help you undertake general or workplace specific risk assessments depending on your business and the industry

Training – A consultant can work with you to develop training that will equip teams with the knowledge, insight and practical skills to actively promote and implement a health and safety culture

Health and Safety Consultants can look at your business objectively and bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge in health and safety to transform, develop and enhance your health and safety systems and processes.

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