Google Gravity Tricks and Tips

Google Gravity Tricks and Tips – Google Gravity is something that many would like to explore further than what’s on the surface. While most people are possibly already familiar with the standard offerings and capabilities of Google Gravity, not the same amount of enthusiasts are aware of some tricks that can be pulled off here. Let’s take a closer look at Google’s toy and see where it can get you by just adding these simple to use tricks to the equation.

Zero Gravity Google

This is an interesting trick you can do with Google Gravity. All the contents of the web page start falling down, including texts and images. If you search anything, it will also appear falling from top to bottom. Just try Googling “zero gravity Google”.

Google reverse image search

Let us start this post with what is google reverse image search. google reverse image is a service provided by Google. In this service, an online user can make a search by image instead of words. Google reverse image is officially called Google Search by Image. In other words, both google reverse image and google search by the image are the same.

Google Space

This is another interesting and funny trick. It is in fact the opposite of Google gravity, in the sense that here, the content on the page floats around without any gravitational force. If you search for something, you will also see the search results floating on the screen.

Google Gravity Underwater

As its name says, this special trick makes you see the great background. You will see various different fish species and the result of your query will be a little bit slower and it will also float. You can look up google gravity underwater and you will see for yourself how fun this trick is!

Google Guitar

If you like playing the guitar, why not bring this on your PC too? Google Guitar lets you play guitar while looking things up on the web browser’s page. With this, you can play various tunes you know, or you can start learning online if you haven’t until now. If you search something, the result will appear in the mirror.

Google Sphere

For those who are tired of the same old look of the Google logo, you can kick things up a bit with Google Sphere. Here, the content on the page will go around a sphere. As you hover the mouse, the rotation movement of the sphere will slow down. It’s kind of hard to look something up with this trick, since it will spin around when you try to type something, and the results will also rotate in a sphere.

Do a Barrel Roll

The trick here is that Google does exactly what the name says. If you type “DO A BARREL ROLL”, the page will spin pretty fast after you press enter. There is also the Tilt version, where you see the search results tilted. Just type “tilt” on Google and then press enter.

Zerg Rush

This interesting trick makes the search results appear in the mirror. If you’re up for a challenge, you can try reading it like that and see if you can get it!