Go Back To Basics And Attract More Customers

Go Back To Basics And Attract More Customers Image source Pixabay

Whilst it’s a given that most things can be done online nowadays, there are certain things which still need a personal touch. Despite being able to send invoices, pictures and letters in the click of a button, your company will show that it still has its feet firmly on the ground if it is to show initiative in keeping things traditional and going the paper-route rather than electronic.

Of course, it’s always good to have backup – that’s just common sense. When attaching an invoice or an inventory to a product, you should always send an electronic backup. However, it has been proven that more businesses respond when it has been shown that somebody at your company, whether it comes straight from you or an employee, has taken the time to give a personal touch. That simply cannot be done with email. Think about how many emails you have skipped past, how many have been click-bait, or how many have simply gone straight to your junk folder. Why would you click on them? What makes you think that it would be a good idea rather than a waste of your time to open them up and read them? Emails can mount up considerably in a person’s inbox, often giving the impression that a company is desperate for attention. Although they are the considerably cheaper option, you may want to consider capitalising on a classic route.

That’s not to say that email marketing is over and done with. This is another route to take to maximise your efficiency in order to attract current and prospective customers towards you.

When you receive a letter in the post, you can guarantee that you will open it unless it’s obvious junk mail. That is something that is not easily differentiated now with emails. Handwritten envelopes are said to be the best to garner someone’s attention for the personal touch it includes, whereas brown envelopes take an interest for another reason entirely – it’s associated with official business coming from a higher authority i.e. tax or hospitals.

This is where you can gain business simply by being wise to the emotional needs of your customer, or even your potential customers. It’s not an emotional need in the classic sense that they are outwardly crying out for it, but it’s definitely a niche to be tapped into. You want to make them feel like you have put the effort into communicating with them, that their business is the only custom that you want and, well, to make them feel special. If it takes a handwritten letter or one with your logo on to do this, what’s to lose? You could even combine the two.

Consider outsourcing to use a company which can provide your envelopes and invoices for you – examples can be found at – and use it to help boost your credibility as a company.  Again, this is where it can be shown that you are putting the time and the effort into your career in order to establish yourself correctly. It’s simple, but it works.

Think about what you yourself would like to see from your ideal company. Would you want them to show that they’ve put in the effort to reach out to you, and to have something physical to hold on to as proof? If the answer is yes, then you need to start doing all of the above … right now.