Give Your Business The Voice It Deserves

Image source Maria Fonseca

Businesses are now using social media as a platform to allow their voice to be heard.

Social media is a great way to present your business to the world, a huge majority of people avidly use social media and this allows companies to interact and engage with people, customers, and clients from the comfort of their own offices. It is not only a fluid and relatively cheap way to get a business name ‘out there’ but it also fun, modern and allows a business to develop a voice and ethos to attract people to their brand.

It is obviously very important for a business to advertise their services at any given opportunity. There is little point in owning a business which isn’t advertised well, as the chances are other companies that do have a good advertising usage will pop up and swallow a business that does not advertise as well as it should.

Different platforms allow different customers to find, and experience, a brand. Twitter allows the ease of direct and short conversations, but it is also extremely useful when a business wants to advertise a product or service to people who want to know about them – their followers. Facebook, on the other hand, is a tool which allows companies to really push themselves to the masses.

If a post is made public, then anyone can see that post which obviously means a business is really advertising themselves all over the world. Facebook also gives the ease of chatting to customers through their messaging service, with aspects such as video calls and phone calls. Instagram is a great tool for companies who focus on visual products. Take a photo, upload it, tag it, and caption it, and the followers and ‘likes’ will flood in. Instagram is especially popular with a younger market of people, and more business are realising that.

There are also other ways to advertise a business.

A marketing podcast is one, which will allow really focused individuals who are either in the same industry, or passionate about the industry, to hear about your business. Then there is email marketing, which sends emails about what’s going on in a business to people who have signed up to receive emails. Then, there is the simple act of uploading a company’s information onto a website which people go to in order to receive services, or contact a company.

Through interacting with other businesses and customers, the name of your product will grow more and more. For example, if a business in the same sector as you sees an advertisement of your services on Facebook, they may feel like they want to contact you to develop a working relationship – this, in turn, will lead to more customers through referrals or the praise of a service or product your company offers.

Social media is the way forward in terms of companies reaching more customers and a lot of businesses are seeing the benefits of having social media professionals within their company. If you are looking to branch out, then it may be something worth thinking about.