Get The Message: How Businesses Can Make It Easier for Customers to Contact Them

how businesses can make it easier for customers to contact them As marketplaces and customers get more competitive and demanding, it’s more important than ever that customers have easy ways to get in contact with you. By becoming more accessible to customers you’ll increase in value in their eyes, helping you to achieve and retain a band of loyal customers. Here are some tips on how to make it easier for customers to contact your business. 

Display your contact number everywhere 

Although it might seem obvious, this advice is one that is often overlooked and that is to provide a contact number on your website, on your packaging, on your business cards if you have them and over your social media platforms. By doing this, you’re signalling to your customers that you’re willing to talk to them which will provide them with a higher level of confidence in you and your products. 

The same rule applies for your email address, PO box and any other way that customers might want to contact you. This leads nicely onto the next point which is to: 

Make yourself accessible on social media 

Social media platforms like Facebook and twitter in particular are brilliant because they allow your customers to reach you anytime and from wherever they are. Those who follow you on these platforms will be able to publicly ask you questions which could help others who may have the same questions or ideas. 

There’s one thing being accessible but another being active! Make sure you reply to any messages you receive quickly and concisely to ensure that customers feel confident reaching out to you again. 

Provide a live chat feature  

If you have the technology to allow you to do so, providing a live chat feature on your website is fantastic for enhancing your communications. With a live chat, customers can interact with a customer support person in real time through instant messaging. The majority of clients are accustomed to live chat messaging through social media sites anyway, so this instils a level of comfort in them as they feel more in control of the conversation and know they won’t have to wait around for hours for a reply like they might when emailing you with a query, for example. 

Unified communications

The most effective way of combining the above points into one simple, easy to use tip is to invest in unified communications. UC optimises customer experience because it allows communication across multiple platforms. It allows customers to choose which way they want to communicate. They might choose to communicate via live chat, an email, and then a phone call, for example. 

UC can also help where technology isn’t 100% reliable. If a customer was to get cut off on a call and they send an email to follow up, the customer service agent will be able to provide the best next steps to continue the conversation thanks to UC. This improved collaboration between customer and employee boosts productivity and improves customer experience – two things vital to successfully run a business of any kind. 

So, there you have just a few ideas for making it easier for customers to contact your business, boosting customer satisfaction and brand confidence.