GE Hosts “Electrifying Innovation 2015” in Berlin

Lamps. Image by Dinis Guarda
Lamps. Image by Dinis Guarda

Connecting Brilliant Minds to Drive the Future of Energy

With a keynote by CEO Jeff Immelt, GE is hosting the thought-leadership event Electrifying Innovation 2015 in Berlin, that is happening today Sept 25th, in Berlin.

The event will be dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of electrification and the role that technology, innovation and energy efficiency will have in shaping and building the future of our societies

At GE, solving the world’s toughest problems means working with the world’s smartest innovators.  The GE Power Conversion Electrifying Innovation 2015 event by bringing together some of the planets most innovate companies working to meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow has created a unique forum dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of the electrification pathway and the role that technology, innovation and energy efficiency could have in shaping and building the future of our societies.

“Building on the long legacy of industrial expertise, GE is committed to leaving the world better than we found it for our future generations. With this thought in mind, we are happy to host some of the most credible and influential innovators and industry mavens to put forth, openly discuss and exchange ideas, opinions and technological advances that are shaping the future of energy,” said Joe Mastrangelo, CEO, GE Power Conversion.

In the presence of Jeff Immelt, CEO, GE, and on occasion of Global Technical Learning Center opening in Berlin, top global business representatives, thought leaders as well as small and medium sized companies will exchange on entrepreneurial ideas and innovation development opportunities lying behind electrification

The event revolves around three different sessions focussing on:

  1. Shaping the future of energy by adopting tomorrow’s technology today: As technology has opened new avenues to meet the growing demand from diverse energy sources, this session will see guest speakers showcase how state-of-the-art technology has made new sources of energy viable.
  2. Designing a new future delivering smart energy: In this session, guest speakers will identify and discuss the challenges and the potential of the energy systems of tomorrow showing how new potentials are being unlocked and possibilities being redefined by using big data and the Industrial Internet.
  3. Building innovation into the heart of new ecosystems: This session will bring the physical and digital worlds together by discussing how the next industrial era could create new eco-systems that would build and shape the future of cities and how innovation has been driving the world to become smarter, greener and more resilient.

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