Gaming Tools and Gadgets that are Great for All Types of Gamers

Gaming Tools and Gadgets that are Great for All Types of Gamers
Gaming Tools and Gadgets that are Great for All Types of Gamers

A PC Gamer is an entirely different breed from a console gamer that only requires a TV, console and a beanbag chair. A PC gamer first requires a reliable computer with enough CPU power, graphic power, and memory to run games as they are designed to be enjoyed. In order to achieve truly satisfying RPG or MMORPG gaming experiences, as a PC game you should consider the following necessary extras.

A Gaming Mouse

Your computer may already have a mouse, but this will not do when you are fighting to get up the levels in PC gaming. A designed-for-gaming mouse is a well worth investment that you should consider, and some models are available for a few dollars on the market. Gaming mice offer you a set of features and standards that help increase your accuracy for better gameplay.

Another important feature in a gaming mouse is programmable buttons for additional game control. Some gamers prefer using wired gaming mice while others are more comfortable working with wireless mice. Finally, some mice have LED lights, weighted, and even feature snazzy styling – it all depends on your budget, lifestyle and playing style.


Once you have had your gaming mouse issues sorted, the next thing you need to look into is investing in a quality gaming mousepad. While larger than ordinary pads, gaming pads will never slip in the middle of an intensive game and they feature quality materials for smooth, durable surfaces.

When getting a gaming pad, make sure that it is big enough so you never need to worry about dragging your mouse of the surface. The big size is an important element that will help keep your desk nice and clean, with plenty of room for mousing your way to the top ranks.


While it is not always considered as an accessory, a monitor still deserves a special mention. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for low-end monitors. Some of the best gaming monitors feature improved frame rates and better colors among other things that ensure you get a richer gaming experience.


Some of the core features you should look at when purchasing gaming keyboards include their responsiveness and programmability. The backlighting on such a keyboard is especially helpful if you will be gaming in a darkened room. In fact, PC games are best played in dim environments to reduce on-screen reflections.

Furthermore, mechanical keyboards have a different feel compared to a membrane one, but this is really a matter of your personal preference. Other advantages of including a gaming keyboard to your setup include:

  • Keys are strategically placed for easy access and reach
  • Many keyboards have features like anti-ghosting, wrist rests and LCD displays
  • Keyboards add to your comfort level, putting everything in your favor during your gaming sessions


A pair of quality, solid speakers will help bring the game right into your room. Again, the market has various brands at different prices, but there are still some good choices available out there. While purchasing your speakers, consider the size, soundproofing of the room and take into consideration other people you may be living with.

Solid State Drive

Like the backlit keyboard, a Solid State Drive (SSD) is another accessory that is often overlooked. An SSD allows you to gain higher disk access performance, which helps reduce game load time dramatically.


PC gamers need more than the basic monitor, mouse, pads, keyboard and hard drive, they need equipment that will upgrade their rigs, stream games and keep the “battle station” looking neat at all times. The accessories above will help you achieve exactly that.

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