Fun Facts About Cloud Servers And Why You Need One Before Next Year

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You might know quite a lot about cloud servers already, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve jumped on board the bandwagon. However, you should because a cloud server could be your greatest resource as a business owner. Before we elaborate on what we mean by that, let’s look at some pretty basic facts. First, a cloud server is not to be confused with a purely digital device. Cloud servers always have a physical form, even if you don’t know where they are. For instance, if you store your information on the Apple cloud, that doesn’t mean it’s just floating around cyberspace. Somewhere in the world, there are servers that are essential massive computer storage units. That’s where your information is being kept, hopefully under lock and key.

You can get a private cloud server for your business, but the setup is an expense. On average it will cost at least a few thousand to set up the most basic cloud network for your company. This is why a lot of businesses choose to instead piggyback of an existing server. However, some companies feel comfort in knowing exactly where their information is being stored. Now, let’s look at some other factors about the fascinating data machines.

The Biggest Data Centre Is In…

Image source: Pexels

China, obviously and it extends a massive 6,300,000 square feet. At that size, you can probably almost see it from space, and it’s difficult to miss if you happen to drive past it. It just looks like a huge industrial area and inside those four worlds are server, upon server, upon server. Walking through is like entering a tech dream or nightmare, depending on your perspective. You’ll be pleased to hear that most data centers for cloud servers are a lot smaller. One average, they are roughly one hundred thousand feet which is still pretty big we admit. You can certainly see Apple’s own data centers from a good distance away. You can learn more about data centres here.

Businesses Need The Cloud Because…

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It’s the way of the future. Simply put, cloud servers allow you to transfer information between different sources instantly. With a server like this, companies fall behind the times. That’s why MSP IT support has become so important for business owners. They need this type of tech, just to stay in the game. If you have a cloud, you’ll be able to make sure that customers have the fastest service on the market.

The Greatest Security Breach Was…

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The celebrity image hack which had a far more non-politically correct name when it occurred. The hack was particularly controversial. It involved information being stolen and leaked that had allegedly been deleted. It opened a lawsuit against Apple worth millions and proved one thing once and for all. If you delete something, it is never truly gone. Particularly, if it’s stored on a cloud server and this is useful for business owners. They can rest easy knowing that if they do lose any information, it still exists somewhere.

We hope you have found this information useful. Don’t forget that even with the hack, cloud servers are still safer than storing info on a hard drive.