Four Reasons You Should Be Taking Up Yoga This Year

Yoga is one of the most popular pastimes on the planet, rooted in ancient spirtuality, it’s become a science, encouraged by many professionals in a bid to stay active, stay healthy and warn off any mental demons we may be experiencing.

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It’s prescribed by medical professionals all over the world, in a bid to aid the likes of stress and pain relief for patients with terminal illness, as well as a vital component of alcohol and drug rehabilitation, with it becoming a key cog in stress relief, clear thinking and reducing cravings.

But it doesn’t matter if you’re one of the millions of people suffering from addiction, battling illness or feeling the heavy toll of stress and anxiety, yoga is an incredible activity to make you feel better than you have ever done before. And for a number of reasons…

Four Reasons You Should Be Taking Up Yoga This Year

You’ll improve your balance, flexibility and core strength

From a physical point of view, yoga is exercise so you will feel physical benefits because of that, just as you would from working out at the gym. In fact, yoga is a fantastic accompaniment to your training regine, as slow movements can strengthen your core, as well as improve your balance and flexibility, depending on the pose you are practicing.

It’s amazing for stress

A huge portion of people take up yoga to destress, and it certainly works. That’s why many inpatient alcohol treatment center professionals do prescribe it, in a bid to help patients become more relaxed, more focused and in a much better position to combat any emotions and cravings that lead on from that.

However, whether you suffer from addiction or not, yoga is the ultimate stress buster. Even just half an hour each morning, or a short period when you arrive home from work can have a huge impact on relieving stress and leave you feeling happier and healthier.

It can ease chronic pain

Across the USA around 8% of people suffer from chronic pain according to statistics, and in many cases symptoms can be eased through yoga. The practice has been proven to ease discomfort of tender or swollen joints, which arthritis sufferers have particularly benefited from over the years.

You’ll look after yourself more

Yoga and the wider yoga community are big believers in self care and if you take up yoga classes, whether that be in your local town or online, the messages delivered are often around looking after ourselves.

It’s a mentality that first develops during yoga sessions but soon shifts into other parts of our lives, and not only ensures we take care of ourselves, but also rubs off on others too. It’s an incredibly supportive community, and it has the ability to change us greatly, for the better.