Four Challenges of Managing a Property and Ways to Overcome Them

Property management is about ensuring that your property is up to date and functions to its full potential. If not taken care of, poorly managed properties create problems in various ways, from bleeding your money to deterioration and slow collapse.

Four Challenges of Managing a Property and Ways to Overcome Them
Four Challenges of Managing a Property and Ways to Overcome Them


As a real estate investor, property management is more critical than the property itself. Having a good property management team ensures the safety of other tenants, earning you their loyalty and maximizing the rental returns for your property.

A sound property management system will also bring in a better return on investment and make your portfolio top-notch. Poorly managed properties are bad news only for investors who lose money and tenants.

With the world evolving and shaping our day-to-day life, tech-driven tools, like any other industry, are also revolutionizing the property management sector as well. Unlike the traditional system that includes in-person tours and emails to handle issues, the tech-enabled route significantly enhances the workings of property management.

A few benefits the technological system provides are the efficient handling of multiple properties simultaneously, providing insights to improve tenant and overall work experience through automation.

The transition to the digital world has offered a seamless experience that helps in scheduling tasks and managing maintenance operations through various tools like housekeeping software.


Challenges of Managing Property

Property managers facing multiple issues even when technology has taken over the real estate industry is inevitable. However, these issues can be resolved, let’s see how.

Lead Management

It is a multi-layered task that plays a significant role in real estate. The ample data circulation can cause problems like data duplicity that generates mismanaged leads. Poor lead management also results from companies relying only on referrals and word of mouth.

These strategies undoubtedly contribute to sales; however, there is no guarantee of authenticity. Forming an appropriate lead generation strategy can be a challenge as it requires having enough information to serve customers with a better solution.

Companies sometimes are unable to figure out why they lose customers. That is because they do not focus on nurturing the new leads, which eventually leads to loss of customers.


Problems also bring along solutions with them, so if you are worried about managing leads and keeping track of marketing expenses, among other concerns, we’re here to help.

A lead management software keeps track of all the leads in one place. The software helps determine which ones are more likely to convert, saving time and effort.

A solid marketing strategy also depends on analyzing the budget and spending accordingly. Competition, size of the company, and especially the future goals help decide which marketing strategy suits best and eventually help determine the budget. The smartly you spend, the better lead generation.


Attracting Tenants

Clients that pay on time, stick around, and look after the property are hard to find. These types of tenants contribute to income predictability which is a huge deal. Various factors play a role in the inability to find tenants.

Even if your property is in good condition, poor marketing strategies can cause problems in catching the tenants’ eye. Occasionally, the tenants inquiring about your property do not meet the qualifying standards meaning you need to analyze your marketing strategy.

Current tenants’ way of living also influences a new tenant’s opinion of considering your property. The two factors that play a significant role in this are noise and cleanliness.

If prospective tenants are met with loud music or unhygienic surrounding during the visit, they are less likely to consider your property. Additionally, sometimes the screening process can be off-putting for potential tenants. Background, credit card checks, and referrals can push them down the pit of doubt.


Property marketing plays an essential role when it comes to renting property. Putting up a sign in a spot frequently visited by pedestrians is one of the best ways to attract potential clients. Taking the help of online listing portals to notify tenants of vacant rentals is also a great way to get noticed.

Easing down the screening process is more likely to sit well with potential clients. Since tenants already pay for services that come with rentals, the least you can do is cut down additional costs like security deposits to help new tenants settle in and list you in their good books.


Maintenance Issue

Rental property maintenance issues range from minor inconveniences to emergencies that require immediate attention. Plumbing leaks are a common complaint of tenants besides water pressure and temperature.

The likelihood of appliances like washers or dryers breaking down is relatively high. Among the common and costly maintenance issues is the AC repairs. If the HVAC system starts acting up during the blistering heat, the living conditions become unbearable.

Pests can enter your rental unit through tiny cracks and openings, creating conflicts between tenants and landlords. Pest problems should be addressed immediately for hygiene purposes.


Performing regular preventative maintenance like HVAC checks, cleaning drains and addressing pest problems is crucial.

Educate tenants, especially first-time homeowners about carefully using utilities and keeping the rental in good condition. Minor inconveniences like flickering lights can either be fixed by the tenant or a professional electrician.

Issues like running toilets should be looked into immediately to prevent damage to the flooring. Companies on sites like can help to sort this issue, amongst other issues like leaky taps, burst pipes and blocked drains. Meanwhile, although a broken fence is not an urgent issue, mending a broken fence offers a sense of security. In addition to providing a sense of security, well-maintained business fences can also improve the appearance of a property and deter potential intruders or vandals.


Hiring efficient team members

Things always go south, especially if you don’t have a reliable team. Your team is your biggest asset and hiring the right people for the job can be challenging. Without a solid team, it can be challenging to manage property-related tasks, which could also lead to the loss of tenants.

An organization with lousy management leads to a decrease in profits in various ways that include poor property supervision and mismanaging the company’s budget. An inefficient team can also cause a company to close its doors.


Training employees is one of the crucial aspects of team building. Whether it’s learning a new skill or teaching every individual the importance of teamwork, your company’s success depends on efficient teamwork.

Communication is key which means keeping in contact and regularly updating on tasks ensures the smooth running of the company. Setting clear expectations prevents team members from making mistakes while completing the task. Being clear about goals eliminates doubts among the team.