For Most Applications, no Lawyer is Required to Apply for US Citizenship

For Most Applications, no Lawyer is Required to Apply for US Citizenship

Are you considering apply for United state citizenship? You don’t know how? The information age offers all important information right at our fingertips, through advanced technology.

With technology, you have all the answers! Herewith are the steps to follow and what to take into account when starting your journey to acquire your United state citizenship!

What to do to apply for United state citizenship:

Verify your Citizenship Status

Before you file an application for United State Citizenship, you will have to verify whether you are not probably citizen already.

Usually, if you are born in the United States you are a citizen. However, you may also be born abroad to parents who are US citizens. As a minor, you can acquire US citizenship through the prescribed process, if your parents are US citizens jointly, or even if only one of them is.

If at least one of them is a citizen, we refer you to one of the under-mentioned forms.

  • Form N-600 (Application for a Certificate of Citizenship) or
  • Form N-600 (Application for a Certificate of Citizenship & Insurance) which offers more information.

When one or both of your parents are US citizens, either by birth or via the needed process, it is possible that you are already a US citizen. However, you can file an application for the Certificate of Citizenship on the basis of their citizenship.

  • Establish your eligibility to file an application for United state citizenship: Basic requirements

In general you may qualify to apply to become a US citizen if you meet the under-mentioned basic criteria, according to the requirements of the US Immigration law.

  • At least 18 years old
  • Have a moral and good character
  • Have permanent residence for in general 5 / or 3 years, which will be dependent on the way you got your status
  • Acquired some basic knowledge of theUnited States government. However, this may be excepted because of permanent mental- or physical impairment


Additional information Filing your Application


  • The 3 years permanent residence refers to individuals who are married and live in a marriage-relationship with their husband / wife who is a United State citizen.
  • Individuals who have served in the United State military services with honour
  • Some spouses of United States citizens may be viable to apply for citizenship earlier than above-mentioned requirements.


Consult the M-476 manual which stipulates all guidelines for the application process.

What you Must Do

  • Fill out your application form and sign it
  • Residing outside the United States? Then you have to have two photos taken in passport-style

What you have to Do

  • Wait until you receive the notice of appointment which will comprise of the appointment for biometrics with the location, date and time.
  • Report to the indicated location on time.
  • Have your biometrics taken
  • Another notice will be sent to you about your appointment for the application interview.

Completion of your Interview

The USCIS will arrange an interview after the preparatory procedures of your application

An interview will be arranged with you by the USCIS. This will be done after all preparatory procedures of your application are done. With this final step the application process will be completed. When reporting at the office of the USCIS at scheduled date and time, bring the notice of appointment with you.

What you can Expect

  • An USCIS officer will meet you for the interview. He/she will ask questions regarding your application form.
  • If you are asking for a medical exception of the civics- and English testing criteria, file Form N-648 in case u did not include it when you filed your application for citizenship form.

Continued Application

The most frequent reasons necessitating continuation are:

  • Failing the civics/and English test. Within a period of 60- days the USCIS will reschedule another interview. You will only be retested on the civics or English part which you failed. When you fail a second test, your N-400 Form will be denied.
  • The USCIS officer may determine that you have to supply additional evidence or documents. Form N-14 (Request for Additional Information, Documents or Forms.) 

Taking your Oath of Allegiance towards the US

Well, to become a US-citizen you have to take the Oath of Allegiance during a ceremony of citizenship. The oath is conducted by a judge during a judicial ceremony or conducted by the USCIS during an administrative ceremony. In particular USCIS-districts a court has the sole authority conducting these ceremonies.