Five Must Have Chrome Extensions For Every Marketer

As a marketer, you’re probably always on the lookout to make your job that little bit easier. For anyone new to the industry, then there are already so many tools you need to be looking out for, many of them often available as a Chrome extension.

Many digital marketing agencies live from the extensions in their browser, aiding with all manner of tasks, so if yours is looking a little bare, then it might be time to start doing some downloading.

But where exactly should you start? Well, the digital marketers toolkit is an advanced one, but to get you started here are five must-haves for anyone in the industry, or anyone just getting into it…


A must for content writers especially, Grammarly is a real lifesaver when it comes to ensuring your writing is free of spelling mistakes and grammatically correct. 

Whether you’re writing an email, documents, blog articles or crafting social media posts, Grammarly can help you avoid those embarrassing mistakes that could come back to haunt you, or at least make you look a little bit silly.

Keywords Everywhere

An incredibly useful SEO Chrome extension, Keywords Everywhere is a must-have and allows you to gain valuable insights into search trends and volume.

The extension displays search volume, cost per click and competition data directly in Google’s search results, allowing you to identify opportunities and refine your overall SEO strategy.


A useful tool for anyone who is in charge of social media accounts, Buffer simplifies the posting process by allowing you to schedule and publish posts across multiple platforms. You get one centralised dashboard, while the extension can also allow you to quickly add images, articles and videos to your social media queue.

There is also a range of performance metrics with the tool, allowing you to analyse your social media campaigns and ensure you’re on course for maximum engagement.


For professionals looking to build relationships with influencers, bloggers, journalists and industry experts, Hunter is an incredibly useful tool that helps you find email addresses within specific websites.

It can often be an arduous task trying to find the contact details of people, but with Hunter you can instantly uncover it and reach out to the people you need to in a much more efficient fashion.


Finally, MozBar is a real staple and valuable for SEO and competitor analysis. It provides a wealth of website metrics and performance related statistics from domain and page authority to backlink data and keyword difficulty.

It’s a useful extension to make quick decisions about websites based upon key data points, particularly when it comes to link building and content creation. These data driven decisions can really improve your output and help improve your website’s search visibility and rankings, whether you’re conducting keyword research, analysing SERP results or auditing your site’s overall SEO performance. MozBar really is a must download. For those that have it, they’d now be really lost without it. Need we say more!

Of course, there are many more extensions out there, but starting with these five and building upon them can give you the foundations for improving your marketing and SEO activity and delivering the best possible results for your website.