Five Company Cars that Make the Grade

Five Company Cars that Make the Grade
Five Company Cars that Make the Grade

As a business owner, you already understand the importance of getting good value for your hard-earned money. This philosophy definitely comes into play when you are deciding what makes and models of company cars to purchase. While it may seem overwhelming at times to decide what types of vehicles to buy for you and your employees, if you keep that “solid value” goal in mind, it can make your decision easier. The following five vehicles would all make a solid company car, as well as an outstanding investment.

Chevy Camaro

If your business involves making a lot of deliveries or you are on the road a lot to visit with clients, the Chevy Camaro has what it takes to go for tens of thousands of miles without any major issues. Chevrolet introduced a “smaller, lighter and tighter” version of the popular car last year with a strong four-cylinder turbo engine and a budget-friendly price of just under $28,000. The two-door vehicle seats four people comfortably and gets an average of 22 miles per gallon in the city and 31 on the highway, so you won’t feel like you are gassing up every other exit. Testing of the Camaro found that even after 40,000 miles of rough driving, it didn’t have any mechanical issues and only required routine maintenance like oil changes.

BMW 3 Series

When it comes to comfort, reliability and fuel economy, you can’t beat the BMW 3 Series . Boasting great handling, fuel-efficient engines and the high-quality German engineering that will keep the car running for tens of thousands of miles, you can rest assured that you and your employees will stay safe on the road with a BMW for years to come. As a major bonus, while BMWs have a reputation for being pricey, it is very possible to find pre-owned 3 Series cars with low miles for about the same price as a mid-level SUV.

Ford Focus

Starting at an affordable $16,775, the Ford Focus S Sedan is an ideal company vehicle — especially if you have to tote equipment around. The trunk has over 13 cubic feet of storage and if you fold the seats up, you can even more space to store your stuff. The Ford Focus also features dual-stage front airbags and front-seat side-impact airbags along with a rearview camera and driver knee airbag. A Tire Pressure Monitoring System will help keep tabs on tire pressure, and with its great gas mileage and good resale value, it’s definitely a wise buy.

Ford F-150 Pickup

If you own a construction company and/or haul a great deal of heavy equipment from job site to job site, you might consider another Ford — this time the F-150 Pickup . The truck can handle lugging around up to 3,270 pounds with ease and can tow up to 13,200 pounds. The new F-150 body is 700 pounds lighter than the last generation, so fuel economy is better. But don’t think that a lighter truck is less rugged — the F-150 body is made of high strength, military grade aluminum alloy that is used in the military and industrial applications, so it will last for years.

Toyota Prius Hybrid

If your company car use involves a lot of quick trips around town — again, a delivery type of business or one that involves lots of meetings with clients — a Toyota Prius Hybrid is a wise choice. In addition to being environmentally friendly and low on emissions, the Prius gets about 52 miles per gallon , which is great for your company’s fuel budget. The cars are also comfortable to drive and easy to maneuver and if you put your company logo on the side, they will let the world know that you care about the Earth.

Once you decide what type of vehicle best complements your business’s needs, it will be a lot easier and even fun to shop for company cars. Keep the goal of finding a great value in mind, and you will soon have a fleet of vehicles that you and your team are happy to drive.