How to Find The Right Employees For Your Import Startup

How to Find The Right Employees For Your Import Startup

Hiring employees for your startup is a huge step and needs to be done carefully. If you don’t have the right employees for the initial stage of your venture, it can cost you a lot and even cause your business to fail.

Employees are the building block of any business. If you do not find the right employees, you will not be able to excel.

While this article is written with import businesses in mind, the layout fits to all kind of businesses because almost all businesses will need employees.

Before moving ahead, let’s talk about what an import business is all about and what kind of employees such a business needs.

An import business is basically a business that imports goods from other countries. Now you can sell these goods to other businesses or directly to customers.

Goods are imported for several reasons. For examples, businesses import machinery from China due to low cost etc. For this reason, such a business needs a team that is skilled and knows how to deal not only with clients but also with buyers.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at how to find right employees for your import business:

Keep An Eye On Online Job Portals

Join online job portals where you cannot only post new jobs, but can also search through available CVs.

This is one of the most common ways to hire new employees as job portals are used by a number of people and can help you find a nice pool of talent. However, not everyone out there is your potential employee, so make sure to do proper planning so that no time is wasted and you do not end up hiring unskilled employees.

Carefully scan resumes before shortlisting candidates. You may also ask them to give online tests to make sure you find people you need.

Another very important thing to remember is to write a proper job description. For example, if you want someone to negotiate with sellers, you must clearly explain so in detail. This way only people who have such skills will apply for job, making it easier for you to scan through CVs.

Search For Ones Who Have Worked In The Same Field As You

You can filter candidates on the basis of what your requirements are such as skills, qualifications, experience, location etc.

Look for employees in your own industry. The import industry is huge and since most people cannot import on their own, they have to rely on third parties, which is why there are a number of companies that help businesses and individuals hire employees.

You can target employees who have worked in such companies to make sure you find candidates with similar experience.

Look For Loyal Employees

It’s important to have people on board who are willing to sail with you for a long time. This is because you invest both time and money (in terms of training) to shape employees and when they leave, it’s a devastating blow to the start up. You could consider utilising the services of private investigators to delve into the candidates life and to determine if they are suitable for the role you are offering. This is also a great way to discover if the candidate had any previous criminal history that would lead to them performing fraud at your company. You need to ensure that the candidate you hire is reliable and will not pose a risk to your business in any way.

People leave for a number of reasons, such as low pay and lack of opportunities. If you offer them what they want, they will not have a reason to quit.

The Verdict

When you consider these steps, you can find the right employees for your import startup. Moreover, same tips can be applied for other businesses as well.