Eze Vidra, the Campus London Project and His Passion for Helping Startups

Eze Vidra is the head of Campus London, Google’s dedicated startup space in East London housing accelerators and co-working spaces to support and strenghten the European startup community. He is also founder of VC Cafe, an Israeli tech startup news from a Silicon Valley perspective. Read further to learn more about this energetic person.

Biography Eze Vidra

Prior to leading the Campus in London, Eze Vidra was a strategic partnerships manager at Google where he developed the commerce offering in Europe. Before that he worked in a number of technology companies:

  • Principal Product Manager of AOL Search in Europe,
  • Senior Product Manager at Ask.com in San Francisco,
  • Product Manager at Gerson Lehrman Group in New York and
  • Team Leader at Shopping.com in Israel.

Vidra holds an MBA from London Business School and a BA in Business Administration, IT Management and Entrepreneurship from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Israel. He mentors several European incubators, including Seedcamp, Springboard, Launch48, Lean Startup Machine, Entrepreneurship summer school, Emerge Labs and Oxygen.

Eze is now running the Campus London project which fits perfectly with his passion for helping startups become the successes. He understands the value of this kind of support, as in 2003 he co-founded a tech startup in Israel and in 2005 he founded VC Cafe, a popular blog on early stage Israeli startups.

Campus London

Campus London is Europe’s newest co-working space and entrepreneur community. They help great ideas come to life by providing a place people can meet, collaborate and inspire each other.

They promote an open culture that values the energy and input of people from all walks of life. The Campus is about creating new relationships and providing an environment where entrepreneurs can build up their businesses.

The Campus is backed by some valuable partners, Google offer mentoring and access to powerful tools entrepreneurs can use to solidify, market and share their ideas with others. Techhub and Central both run other creative spaces nearby. Their experience ensures everything runs smoothly.

In a previous article on the Campus, we elaborated that the “Campus’ strategic partners include SeedCamp – an early stage mentoring and investment program that engages startups through monthly events hosted across Europe Tech Hub and Central Working,  the members based coworking club created by James Layfield (EO Entrepreneur of the Year) and Steve Pette (former Head of Service Development at Virgin Atlantic).”

VC Cafe

Another great venture by Vidra is VC Cafe, as mentioned earlier, it is a popular blog on early stage Israeli startups which is dedicated to profiling, reviewing and breaking news about new Internet products and companies from the Silicon Wadi.

Collaboration and engagement

I really like Vidra’s efforts that he puts in the Campus London and VC Cafe. First of all because collaboration, open culture, and so forth are inherently important to creativity and faster knowledge valorization. It’s all about who you know, get to know and what you potentially can do together. Google’s open culture and openness in general is great to keep that entrepreneurial spirit, spot great ideas and potentially collaborate. Big (such as Google) and small (startups) go very well together, it’s a symbiotic relationship.

The VC Cafe is interesting because he picks a clear niche. We did the same at AppMarket.tv years ago, picking out the social tv niche and becoming very quickly (in a matter of months) the source of breaking news and intel. This way he’s able to have an overview of the market and by providing insights he’s able to engage with the market, killing multiple birds with one stone. Have a look at his blog!