Everything You Should Know About Cloud Integration Services, Solutions, Tools & Platforms

As more businesses opt for software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions such as Salesforce.com®, ServiceNow®, and SuccessFactors®, cloud integration services have become a major business concern. Well-planned cloud integration setup allows businesses to avoid information silos and maintain the highest levels of security and reliability. To remain competitive and agile in the longer run, it’s important to find a cloud integration service that meets your needs for flexibility, accessibility, and scalability.

Everything You Should Know About Cloud Integration Services, Solutions, Tools & Platforms
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In this article, you’ll discover a list of the best cloud integration APIs, platforms, and solutions.

Software: Boomi

Platform: Boomi AtomSphere

Bomi is a pioneer in connection and automation. AtomSphere provides the integration of Boomi’s core solution, cloud platforms, SaaS applications, and on-premise systems. A visual interface is typically used for integrations in AtomSphere. In addition, Boomi Atom, the solution’s runtime tool, enables integrations to be deployed if and when needed.

Software: Celigo

Platform: Integrator.io

Integrator.io, a product of Celigo, is an integration framework that links apps, synchronizes data, and automates operations. It has API support in the integration process, utilizes a visual field mapping interface in addition to dropdown options. Users can also create their own reusable, free-flow library using the tool’s pre-built integration templates offered on the integrator.io marketplace.

Software: Cleo

Platform: Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud allows businesses to connect to enterprise and SaaS services with connectors and APIs. This tool automatically retrieves, translates, orchestrates, links, and merges all B2B data types from any source and target and can be deployed in various ways. Cleo Integration Cloud can also be used as a managed service for SaaS or information services enterprises to outsource challenging integration to experts.

Software: Cloud Elements

Platform: Cloud Elements

Elements is an API integration offered by Cloud Elements that includes pre-existing connections. It provides standard authentication, discovery APIs, search, event-driven workflow, and integrated error handling to enable connections in specific cloud applications or cloud services and points. Cloud Elements are built to enhance the developer experience regardless of the application’s backend, and implementations are managed in a single API layer and environment.

Software: Flowgear

Platform: Flowgear .NET Platform

Flowgear is an integration platform that provides corporate application integration capabilities. Data Transportation Framework, Cloud-Based Task Hosting, and Visual Designer Flow Gear are all cloud-native features. It is a lightweight service that allows on-premise applications to integrate with a cloud-based system.

Software: IBM

Platform: IBM Cloud Integration


IBM offers multiple, unique data integration technologies for on-premise and cloud deployments both for practically any organizational use case. Its on-premise data integration package includes solutions for both classic (replication and batch processing) and modern (data virtualization and integration synchronization) needs. IBM also provides several pre-configured functions and interfaces. The cloud integration solution from the mega-vendor is largely regarded as one of the finest in the industry, and more features are on the way in the coming months.

Hopefully, you will better understand the various data integration tools available in this article. Your budget and needs determine the right tool for the job. As a result, think carefully before choosing a tool for your firm.