Your Essay Can Influence Global Processes

Your Essay Can Influence Global Processes

There are so many people on the planet that it’s hard to believe that only one essay may influence global processes. Nevertheless, it’s actually possible.

How Can One Essay Influence Global Processes?

There are 7,6 billion people on this planet and it’s hard to imagine how one person may influence the world in its wide, endless, and unfathomable diversity. Nevertheless, there are presidents, celebrities, entrepreneurs that will definitely leave a noticeable footprint on Earth. These people will be just the names included in the future books of human history, but they will be remembered. How about ordinary people? Many of us are struggling with our daily problems, relationships, work schedules, and we don’t see the way how to make our lives more meaningful.

Isn’t it the most mysterious and enigmatic question that has ever been asked by humanity? Haven’t we always been looking for a meaning of life? Okay, enough with the questions, because they won’t make your life any clearer. We’re here to provide you with some very important answers. If you want to make a difference and make this world a better place, you can do as little as writing an essay. Yes, that’s right, one essay can change the perception of many usual things. If you don’t know how to do it yet, you can ask guys from a great cheap essay writing service to help you out.

Are you ready to make a global impact on the lifestyle of humanity? Let’s see how you can do that. We’re sure that you’ll find this article rather inspirational and perhaps, one day, we’re going to write about you as a person who changed the world’s order for the better with the help of one essay.

A Movement Which Changed a Hundred-Year-Old Tradition

It’s a pure profanity to call all the degrading processes which have been happening in the cinematography for almost a century a tradition, but it can fall under this classification. Everybody must have heard about “Me Too” movement by now. It was so loud and powerful that the whole planet couldn’t stay indifferent. If you need a reminder, that’s fine, some information refreshment will never hurt. “Me Too” is a movement which started in Hollywood last year as women’s strong way to stand their ground in the public conversation about the cases of sexual assault as a part of daily Hollywood life.

Now, “Golden Globe”, “The Oscars” and many others influential organizations are doing their best to attract the attention to this disturbing issue. Many famous actresses and actors have spoken out, opened up and now we can say with confidence that it has changed the world completely. It has improved the way women are being treated in the work environment in all spheres, not just cinematography. And you know how it all started? Yes, with one essay, then two essays, and it turned into a snowball that saved the life and dignity of millions of women.

“Me Too” turned viral and 61 000 women from all over the globe shared their heart-wrenching stories of rape and sexual assault in the form of short essays. But there was that one ordinary, average woman who had the courage to write the first story and from that moment the world had already become a different place.

College Students and Big Political Talk

This is yet another story which shook the planet and had a global impact. Florida’s school shooting which happened in February of 2018 was an event that raised the question of gun violence not just in the USA, but throughout the world. It caused an opinion fire which split an American nation. However, it encouraged the planet to unite in order to make the right decision. There were people who supported the idea of a strict gun ban and naturally, there were those who did’`t think it was a necessary measure. What could an average college student do to influence a situation and express their opinion on the matter? Write an essay, of course! And that’s what many of the students did.

It wasn’t only one essay, though. There were thousands of them. But dozens of students` works which were considered to be the most powerful and inspiring was published by many influential newspapers and magazines. Even “Vogue”, which mostly specializes in the topics of beauty and fashion, has posted those essays on their website. This way, all categories of the audience will be able to get familiar with the issue and participate in the global discussion.

The Powers That Be. How to Address Them?

One of the most effective ways to make your opinion heard is by means of traditional media. Of course, social media is the platform that allows everybody to express their thoughts and ideas, but it cannot always be effective due to its highly selective nature. What does it mean? Let’s say, you write an essay on global warming and you want the whole world to pay attention to this problem and your way of solving it. Don’t hesitate to propose your ideas. Many people don’t want to share them because they are sure that if these were had been and interesting enough, scientists would have come up with them years ago. The world would have been a much more developed and better functioning place if people didn’t hesitate to speak out. And you shouldn’t too.

Social media is a great platform, but there is a little chance that your idea will go viral (no matter how brilliant it is). According to statistics, an average Facebook user has 338 friends which means that it’s highly unlikely that more people than that number will read that essay. A blogging website won’t turn out to be a major success as well.

Address the President then! Or any other powerful representatives of authority. Barack and Michelle Obama used to read many letters sent to them by children or college students. Presidents who value the opinions of the average citizens can be considered to be good state leaders. That’s why it’s not uncommon among the monarchs or prime-ministers to reply to those essays and even publish them. You must have heard different stories on the news about people who wrote to Queen Elisabeth II and appeared on the pages of famous news outlets. Your ideas will be shared and there is a chance that your suggestion of changes will receive a worldwide recognition.