Electric Mobile Lift Tables and How to Choose The Right One

Electric Mobile Lift Tables and How to Choose The Right One
Electric Mobile Lift Tables and How to Choose The Right One

Electrical mobile lift tables are suitable for various purposes, such as goods transportation or workbenches. Electric mobile lifts are easy to handle and operated using pushbuttons, with the load lifted to the height needed via battery power. The electric lift tables are sold with maintenance-free batteries and charging cable plus display. The lifts are available both as single and double scissors. The single scissor has a loading capacity of 500 to 1000kg and a lifting height of up to 1220mm, while the double scissor has a loading capacity of500kg and a lifting height of 1618mm. If these don’t fulfill your needs, it’s a good idea to try and consider Modified Lift Tables.

Before buying an electric mobile lift table, you need to consider a few things:

What You Need it For

Decide what you need the electronic mobile lift table for. If you need it for lifting small loads from time to time, your needs are different from someone who needs to lift heavy loads often. Various lifts serve different purposes, but if you need precision in your lifting, consider an electric mobile lift table. These tables are suitable for repetitive tasks that call for accuracy.

Load Capacity

Every lift has a specific load capacity. Some can handle hefty loads while others cannot. It would help if you considered what loads you will be putting on the elevator and how bulky it is. If it is excessively heavy, it might shorten the life of your lift. If it is too light, you might be spending more powering a machine that should handle more weight.


Each lift is designed with a maximum and minimum lift height. Figure out the required working height and gage if the lift you want reaches that height, and higher. If you work with a lift at its maximum height all the time, you shorten its lifespan. Ensure that the workstation has enough space to accommodate the lift’s operations.

Lift Table Mobility

When buying electric lift tables, consider their mobility. Most people buy lifts that are meant for stationary positions. This means the table cannot move around the workplace, severely limiting operations. A portable lift is more sensible when you do not have a budget for several lifts, meaning you can use it in different departments, and move it to places where there is an electrical outlet.

Load Positioning

Another consideration before purchasing an electric table lift is the positioning of the load. Many tables can change the load position for ergonomic reasons, including the ability to rotate or tilt the load, so the operator does not maneuver around the load.

Back- up

Machines are unpredictable and sometimes they can fail you when you least expect. When buying an electric lift table, ensure batteries back it up for those moments, there is a power failure. Cold weather can also cause short-circuiting in the electrical wiring. Ensure you have a backup plan to avoid work interruption. Ensure you have a backup generator for support during those times when both the batteries and mainstream electrical supply fail you.


Buy a lift table that is customizable to suit your needs. Sometimes, what is available in the market is not what you need, and it needs some tweaking to fit the bill.


Buying an electric lift table is not something you do without careful consideration. You must carefully weigh your options of why you need one, and for what. Electric mobile lift tables are often touted as the best when it comes to repetitive tasks that also need precision. Look for a lift that allows for load positioning and is customizable to fit your needs.

In case of power failures, you do not want your work to stall, so ensure your electric mobile lift table has back up batteries that can sustain it through the power shortage. Ensure you have a backup generator that will support your operations until power is restored back to normal.

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