Don’t Let The Internet Slow Your Business Down!

Don’t Let The Internet Slow Your Business Down!

With more and more traditional business tasks going digital, the internet is more important than ever to companies. Running a website helps you reach out to new customers. Using web technology allows you to complete all kinds of business activities. Overall, the internet helps your company run better. That’s why it needs to be fast and reliable.

Many businesses are held back by their internet connection. Perhaps you’re trying to access your emails but can’t due to painful loading times. Maybe you can’t access a website you need to. If your connection goes down, it can halt your entire company. Here are some ways to deal with slow or unreliable internet in your business.

Improve Your Connection

Many of the problems businesses have with the internet can be boiled down to their connection. Reports show that slow broadband is the biggest time waster. Some ISPs provide sub-par services with too much downtime. You can easily conduct an internet speed test to find out what speed you are currently getting; if your internet isn’t up to speed, it might be time to change.

Make sure you compare all internet providers in your area. Keep in mind that the cheapest isn’t always the best- especially for businesses. Get one which provides as close to 100% uptime as possible. You should also ensure that they can provide fast speed in your area. Many providers nowadays offer fiber-optic broadband.

You should also ensure that your router isn’t the problem. Some devices can give you faster speed than others when it comes to WiFi. It also helps to use ethernet connections as opposed to wireless connections for your business computers.

Get Assistance

All kinds of things can go wrong with your network. Especially when it comes to the internet. Your ISP won’t be able to help you with some issues. Hardware problems can often interfere with your internet speed. The software you use can also make an impact.

It’s always best to have technology experts on hand to help you with any issues you have. If you have someone who’s able to diagnose and fix internet issues quickly, you can keep running at max productivity. Make sure your business has reliable IT support to help you out with technological issues.

Having an in-house IT department is one option, but can be expensive. Outsourcing your IT matters to an external service can help you get instant help from experts. Online forums and help desks can also help out.

Check Your Browser

If you want to make surfing the web a little bit faster, it might be time to look at your browser. The software you use to access the internet can have a big impact on the speed. Some load up sites faster than others. Certain features and add-ons can also make a difference.

For Windows computers, Chrome has long been the fastest browser. However, recent tests show that Microsoft Edge is faster in many regards. Opera, Vivaldi, and FireFox are also decent choices. Also, consider which browser you’re using on tablets and smartphones. Chrome appears to be the fastest Android browser by far.

Many browsers use extensions these days, which can have an effect on speed. For instance, an ad blocker can speed up your browsing by blocking resource-intensive ads. Don’t use too many extensions, though, as they can bog down your speed.