Domestic Violence During COVID-19: 5 Ways Domestic Abuse Solicitors Can Help

Domestic abuse against women and children chooses no time and place. During the UK’s first lockdown, there was a surge of domestic abuse court orders. The Ministry of Justice even recorded 8,800 applications for domestic violence remedy orders in England and Wales between April and June 2020. That’s the highest number ever recorded in a quarter.  

Despite the uptake of COVID-19 jabs remaining high, lockdown restrictions are only being relaxed gradually. That means many vulnerable people may still feel trapped and frightened for themselves and their children at home. So when you and a loved one are locked in the same place as your abuser, you should consider hiring domestic abuse solicitors as soon as possible. Seeking help from them may save your lives and keep you safe.  


1. Domestic abuse solicitors act fast.

A survey conducted by Women’s Aid found that 61 percent of women living with their abuser during lockdown said the abuse had worsened. Family solicitors and domestic abuse solicitors understand that acting fast is crucial in times like these. Their first concern is to isolate vulnerable women and their children from the perpetrator of domestic violence. The first step that solicitors usually do is issue a non-molestation order, which prohibits the abuser from living in the victim’s home or coming near it for some time.

2. They validate a victim’s reasons for acting.

Domestic abuse is not always physical abuse. It can include gaslighting, coercive control, intimidation, threats, economic abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and even online abuse. Sometimes, domestic violence can be subtle that you might have difficulty spotting it on its early signs. Chances are, you will become ground down emotionally from all the trauma. You will lack the will to remove yourself from that abusive relationship because of your connection or love for your abuser. With the help of an experienced domestic abuse solicitor, you will be able to break away from that terrible situation. They can help you see things clearer while validating what you’re feeling. 

3. Solicitors can help find community support and assistance.

Domestic abuse solicitors are experts in this field. However, they are more than a mere legal step as they can provide excellent advice. Solicitors can help you through the whole process by confirming documents and reviewing your particular circumstances. If they find you fitting in the Legal Aid Agency’s criteria, you might find yourself entitled to free legal assistance from the state. These solicitors can also help put you in contact with various organizations and people that can support you in your battle, especially during the hardships of the pandemic.

4. They can provide emotional support.

Mustering up the courage to leave your abuser, especially during these trying times, can be difficult. Sometimes, you might feel like you’re alone in the world. Although there are tons of organizations and communities to provide emotional support, the legal world can seem lonely and isolating. Your domestic abuse solicitor can be your anchor and emotional support during legal proceedings. Using their experience in helping victims of abuse, they can offer advice on how to face off against your abuser in a legal environment.

5. These solicitors press charges using domestic law.

A person who commits domestic abuse deserves to be prosecuted and even put to jail if the crime is sufficient. After years of torment and suffering, surely you want to be completely free and safe from your abuser. That’s why you need someone who knows domestic law and the legal proceedings. By hiring an experienced domestic abuse solicitor, you will finally be able to obtain justice.

Leaving an abuser even in the middle of the world’s darkest times the future’s uncertainty doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, understand that help and support are still available. Consult with a domestic abuse solicitor and get immediate legal advice to keep you and your children safe.

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