Why a Diploma in Data Analytics is The Best Career Move

Why a Diploma in Data Analytics is The Best Career Move
Why a Diploma in Data Analytics is The Best Career Move

With the large quantum of data being generated every day, Data Analytics has become crucial in today’s world. It aids business decisions and helps develop cutting edge technologies. Professionals skilled in data analytics can find an ocean of opportunities in every domain. Here are six reasons to convince you to invest in a diploma in data analytics to further your career.

    1. Increasing demand for data analysts: There is a growing need for qualified data analysts in every field. According to a survey conducted by Indeed.com, a significant job search provider, there is a steady increase in the number of data analyst jobs from 2012 to 2016. This boom can be accredited to the increased number of organisations implementing data analytics to their operations. A diploma can open new doors of job opportunities worldwide.
    2. A huge gap between demand and supply of analysts: Despite data analytics being a hot job, there is a considerable deficit in the supply of required data analysts. There are a large number of unfilled jobs across the globe due to the shortage of skilled analysts. Students pursuing a diploma in data analytics can take advantage of this to secure lucrative analyst jobs.
    3. Improvement in salaries: The strong demand for data analysts have boosted the wages for the job. As per the 2015 Skills and Salary Survey Report by the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia, the median salaries for data analysts in Australia have increased by 4% from 2014. In this scenario, getting certified as a data analyst can be a great career move.
    4. Organisations prioritising data analytics: Organisations increasingly believe that data analytics can push their productivities and their performances up. It is a prevalent belief that data analysis enables more precise business insights that can be used to recognise sales and social media marketing opportunities. Many companies consider data analytics a top priority and ready to pay skilled analysts handsomely. A survey conducted by Deloitte showed that around 65.2% of the contacted companies considered data analytics a critical component of their businesses.
    5. The advent of new technology for data analysis: With each passing day, new technologies and latest data software tools are making data analysis easier. On the other hand, it is also creating a vacuum for skilled professionals who can use this technology to generate useful business insights. It is essential to master these tools to have a successful analyst career. Several universities across the world offer state-of-the-art diploma courses that can help students master these tools.
    6. Diversity in job choices: There are numerous career options available to a skilled data analyst. Since data analysis is employed in every field, you can choose from a large variety of jobs such as
    • Analytics business consultants
    • Analytics architect
    • Data scientist
    • Data engineer
    • Analytics associate
    • Data analyst
    • Data solutions architect
    • Metrics specialist
    • Data specialist

There is a compelling need for skilled people who possess the ability to understand data and predict their impacts on the real world. Any professional can consider a diploma in data analytics as a career option and can become a vital asset to any company to harness the power of their data.

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