Digital Society and Digital Business: Are You Ready?

IESE alumni gathered in Mexico City yesterday for a breakfast session focusing on reaping the benefits of social media analytics. Prof. Sandra Sieber of the Department of Information Technology will discuss and contrast the behavior of today’s wired consumers and the actual business practices of organizations. The presentation, titled “Digital Society and Digital Business: Are You Ready?,” is part of IESE’s Insight Sessions series, which brings together school graduates, IESE faculty members and invited guests to discuss key business trends and other topics. Hosting the event will be PayBack, an American Express company and leader in loyalty programs. We are living in an age in which information and communication technologies have moved out of their main domain – the business space – into society.

They shape who we are and what we do. Professor Sandra Sieber explains how, as a consequence, there is a growing mismatch between the capabilities and desires of technology-empowered individuals and the practices and habits of organizations and institutions in general. Today’s leaders need to understand how to manage this growing tension in light of the revolutions underway in mobile, social and analytics and in order to take advantage of the sea of opportunities that come with the advance of the digital society.

PayBack CEO Rodrigo F. Gutierrez will provide opening remarks at the session, followed by a welcome from Luis Casas, IESE’s director for the Mexico and Central America Region. Following Prof. Sandra Sieber’s address, insights will be provided by representatives from Facebook and Google.

The aim of the session is to help companies manage and take advantage of new dynamics sparked by revolutions taking place in the area of mobile, social media and analytics.

IESE will be hosting Insight sessions throughout 2013 in North and South America. Delivered in partnership with firms considered pioneers in their respective sectors, the sessions provide opportunities to gain the latest insights on issues relevant to a specific industry.