Digital PR For Fintech

Fintech is an industry that is changing the world and more and more businesses are appearing in this industry with all kinds of innovative solutions. Fintech is also one of the most misunderstood industries as it is so groundbreaking, plus it is also highly competitive with new startups popping up constantly. Consequently, PR is incredibly important for a fintech company, and those that excel in this area should find success with their idea and compete with the more established brands. With this in mind, here are a few digital PR tips for fintech businesses that should help them to overcome common issues in this industry.

 Create A Strong Brand Identity

As with any competitive industry, having a strong and clear brand identity is important for standing out from the crowd and getting noticed. As an industry that has already raised $33.9 billion, it is also a creative, progressive, and groundbreaking industry. Therefore, you should look towards creating a bold brand identity that matches this – keep in mind that it is typically the younger generations that engage with this industry too.

Use Visual Marketing Tactics

 As mentioned, the technology and solutions that are found in this industry are often complex and hard to explain. This is why a fintech company needs to use intelligent visual marketing tactics, which will easily explain the fintech solution and engage their target customer. Explainer videos are a fantastic way to do this along with infographics as opposed to having to read large walls of text. Neil Patel has a useful guide on how to create the best explainer videos.

Create High-Quality Content

 Following on from this, a fintech company can also develop a positive reputation and be of value to their target customer by creating high-quality content. Personal finance is an area where many people struggle (particularly the younger generations), so the options are endless for content ideas, which can be of great use and help to position your brand as an expert in the field while increasing your visibility online. Many fintech specialists like Cashlady also create fun content, such as studies on the most popular superhero films, and don’t limit themselves to just finance content.

 Engage On Social Media

 As you will be typically targeting the younger generations, it is important to utilize social media and engage with people as much as possible. This can be a great platform for sharing your content, answering questions about your business, and reinforcing your brand identity. Many fintech companies adopt a fun, youthful, and playful social media presence by posting memes and referencing pop culture, and this works well with this new, progressive industry.

Make Customer Service A Priority

 Leading on from this, you will also need to make customer service a priority if you are to succeed as a fintech company. As established, people often have questions about financial products and solutions, and so you need to be able to answer these swiftly or you could lose out to the competition. You also need to offer a range of customer service options, particularly when you consider that younger generations typically prefer not to use the phone.

Hopefully, these PR tips will help your fintech company to find success and hit the ground running. Fintech is on the rise, but it is also an industry with challenges because it is often misunderstood and hard to explain your business as well as increasingly competitive and hard to stand out.


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