Daniel Sloan, Co-Founder of Future Tech on Blockchain And AI Solutions

Interview Daniel Sloan co-founder Future Tech / RebuildTheChain building Blockchain and AI solutions

Daniel Sloan is a recognized leader in the blockchain/crypto space who started in the Information Technology industry in 1995 and has built multiple businesses during his 25-year career.  Daniel is co-founder leading Blockchain & AI Practice Manager at Future Tech / RebuildTheChain, Pandemic Management Platform

Interview focus

1. An introduction from you – background, overview, education…
2. Career background from Marines to recruitment and to founder and investor
3. Companies from SAP to co-founder Future Tech / RebuildTheChain
4. Technology Blockchain and AI
5. What are your focus with your ventures
6. As an investor what is your focus and
7. Goals and focus
8.With Covid-19 how can you look at this as a way to redesign our society
9. Future vision

Quotes and Highlights

· About technology and education. I really think you need to be educated in I.T to really be effective in today’s world. But when I got in I was a neophyte, I didn’t know anything about technology but I always had that interest in technology since my childhood. I was lucky that when I went to Boston I received 2-months training in IT before starting my career as a technical recruiter, it was very intense and I learnt a lot about different aspects of technology. In a way I was forced to have to learn technology to be a good recruiter. I then learnt that being savvy in technology is critical for most jobs today.”

· First steps in blockchain. Since 2016 I have been working in the Blockchain arena, and bought my first Bitcoin in 2015. I believe Blockchain will have a significant impact on the World, and I am humbled and excited to be part of that.

· Understanding blockchain. I am focused on helping companies understand the value that Blockchain can bring, and putting together a strategy that will enable them to integrate Blockchain, or build new custom applications to realize its value. Helping companies understand Blockchain, the best value proposition, and working to develop MVP/POC projects to demonstrate that value. We have assembled a world-class team and great partners that help us provide our clients with turn-key solutions.

· About blockchain and AI.: demystifying the myths. With blockchain and AI, they are actual enhancements integration to technology, so when blockchain better works when it is integrated in existing systems as an enhanced functionality and makes those systems better.

· About Covid-19 and new solutions. Accubits actually has a biotech research arm that has virologists and microbiologists, so when COVID-19 hit, they stopped all the research they were doing and jumped in on COVID-19. This is a major problem and maybe we can help, they said. And through this research they found a molecule that they thought could potentially be a key to a cure. Unfortunately they didn’t have the resources to move forward with that discovery so they open sourced it so other researchers could use it.

· About RebuildTheChain. As the team at Accubits saw this disease was going to be hard to treat they understood that the only way to kind of have a tool that governments could use to effectively manage people, help with social distancing, create the ability for the people to see where hot spots were, etc. With this tool, which also features a health card you can get issued to prove you have passed the COVID-19 and are free. It is a truly helpful tech solution.

· About Future Tech. Future Tech is a joint venture between my company, Accubits and Cybermate infotech and the focus of the company was basically combine all of our capabilities together to provide one tech solution to different problems efficiently.

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Daniel Sloan Biography

A recognized leader in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space, Daniel was one of a select few entrepreneurs who was invited to NASDAQ to speak about blockchain in early 2018.

A cofounder of BlockchainSaw, Daniel has worked closely with dozens of startups as a software development partner providing blockchain solutions. BlockchainSaw also invests in select projects, and Daniel provides mentorship to the founders and executive teams of those companies.

He is also cofounder of Future Tech, a company that provides blockchain, AI and machine learning solutions. Daniel is working closely with his partner Accubits in proving their pandemic management solution named “RebuildTheChain.” They are working with numerous governments around the globe to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and restore their ailing economies.

Once a Marine, always a Marine”…I have been out for 26 years, but the principles and lessons I learned as a Marine have helped me throughout my life. A Marine Corp veteran, a proud supporter of veterans globally.

About Future Tech

Future Tech is a software development company that specialize in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Transformation. We are also the Master Resellers for Accubits Pandemic Management solution called “Rebuilding The Chain” to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future Tech is a joint-venture company that combines the capabilities of all the founding partners companies with the goal of being able to better service clients ranging from global enterprises to startups.

The team behind Fture Tech is: Jithin VG is founder of Accubits Technologies, an AI and Blockchain-focused solutions company. With a seed investment of $30,000 in 2016, and over a period of 18 months, he grew Accubits into a multimillion-dollar business. It was Jithin’s insight into the COVID-19 pandemic that led to the creation of the Rebuilding The Chain pandemic-management solution.

Krishna Kumar has transitioned from his role as President of Accubits USA, to take a full-time leadership role in Future Tech. He is a technologist with more than 25 years of Industry experience. Krishna is also cofounder of Mobile WeVoo, one of the world’s first Live Mobile Video Streaming and Video saving apps.

Chandra Sekhar Pattapurathi is Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Cybermate Infotek Limited, a 26-year-old publicly listed company. Chandra has been with Cybermate for the past 24-years. A member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India since 1998, he has experience in finance, accounts, corporate strategy, financial management, taxation, secretarial and international trade practices.

About Blockchain Saw

Blockchain Saw is a Blockchain Development / Consulting company, and they Invest in select projects. The company has also curated a network of Funds and Investor Networks who have co-invested in their projects. Likewise, they have a number of Exchange and Banking Partners that enable them to offer Exchange listings on top tier Exchanges, and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for select projects.

Among their activities, they are working with both corporate clients and small/medium businesses & start-ups.

Their goal is to help their clients understand the Blockchain-based technology landscape, its value proposition, and its potential business implications.

Recently, they announced that they are the official partner of EDGE196, and handling the initial Vetting and 1st level Vetting for companies seeking Funding.