Cryptoeconomics: Education Of The Future

In todays society, getting a college education is of the utmost importance as it is required to attain employment in nearly every kind of job or career. Not only is it important on paper, but it’s important for individuals to broaden their mind, gain knowledge and insight into their field of study, and connect with likeminded individuals to learn and grow together. However, while education is important, one must think carefully in what they choose to become educated in as it can strongly influence chances of employment. Take for example millennials, this generation is known for being overwhelmed with educational debt and struggle to find a job in their chosen career path. Therefore, when obtaining an education, it’s important to choose something relevant and needed. A perfect example of a relevant educational field of study in todays society is Cryptoeconomics, due to the rise of interest in blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies.

The study of Cryptoeconomics is focused on the design and characterization of protocols
operating in a decentralized digital economy. Basically, blockchain technology and
cryptocurrencies are able to work and function based on the principles of Cryptoeconomics.

When blockchain goes to university

New courses are being developed and implemented by colleges and universities around the world, with the intent on educating a new generation of people. These courses are of the utmost importance as there is currently a huge shortage of blockchain developers and people with a strong understanding of cryptoeconomics and how cryptocurrency and blockchain really works. If we, as a society hope to prosper from the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the new generation needs to understand that cryptoeconomics is the most fundamental aspect of how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies function. Our present and future are dependent on the people involved in the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency space, which is why the development of these new cryptoeconomics courses are so important.

The cryptoeconomics courses were not developed with the intent on teaching students how to become financially prosperous, but rather meant to develop their skills and knowledge so that they can build a better and brighter future. Many of the cryptoeconomics courses are designed with the intent to allow students to build and study successful blockchain projects that are based not only on virtual digital currencies, but real world problems and applications in business and law.

One such example of a successful blockchain project is Digits, which is a crypto payments system allowing users to pay with crypto utilizing their very own debit or credit card. Students may study or even use Digits to see firsthand how a blockchain based payment system can be integrated into the real world by swiftly swapping between fiat and cryptocurrency. A project like Digits allows students to experiment straight away with the teachings of cryptoeconomics and see it firsthand. After all, the Digits project is a real world use case which integrates cryptocurrency payments into the traditional financial payments system. Students can actually use it to pay for courses, textbooks, or anything a visa or debit card can pay for. It’s very important for projects like Digits to flourish and learn from, as the blockchain and cryptocurrency space needs more real world implementation.

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