Creating a Renewable Reading Experience With eBooks

Creating a Renewable Reading Experience With eBooks
Creating a Renewable Reading Experience With eBooks

Creating a Renewable Reading Experience With eBooks

The reading experience is one that has not changed much over the centuries, unless of course you count the switch from scrolls to bound books, which in our opinion was a bad move. In any case, e-reader applications have definitely changed the game and will continue to do so for many years to coke. Let’s take Nook Android reading apps for example.

Nook is an initiative launched by Barnes and Noble with the intention of making books more accessible to the masses. One of the biggest problems with books, always, has been that of supply and demand; how many books have been published in the past that are out of print now? The advent of digital books will make this a problem of the past as unlimited copies of each book can be stored and dispensed to customers on demand, and with that being the case, it only makes sense to continue forward with the eBook marketing scheme, and it even helps those individuals that are in the more remote areas.

Remote Renewable Reading

Books are released every month, as you probably know by now, and with that being the case, there is a considerable amount of demand for them. If you have the luxury of living in a city or at least near a book store, then you have no problem with heading to that store, buying the book, and then setting it aside when you are done with it. If, however, you don’t live anywhere a bookstore then you could be waiting months or even years to see the next installment of your favorite series. That doesn’t really do it for true book lovers, and there are several benefits to what we are going to call a renewable reading experience.

The Benefits of Renewable Reading

Success Conscious has repeatedly discussed the vast benefits of eBooks, and they are absolutely right, as is E-Publishers Weekly. First of all, you now have the ability to see the moment a new book is released. You can even read a sample of it just as you might at a book store. The other benefit is that once you purchase the book, you don’t have to wait for it to be delivered to your house. If you ordered a physical book you would definitely have to wait, perhaps two to three days, but with e-reader applications, you can expect to get your book immediately. In fact, we’ve noticed that many services don’t even wait for payment so long as you have a card on file. Is that really a good business model? We aren’t qualified to comment on that.

So now that you have a brief list of the benefits, how does it work exactly? The first thing that you need to know, is that these books are delivered digitally through the device of your choosing. When you begin your e-reading experience, you will need to download the application through the Google Play store. Once you have successfully downloaded the application, you will need to log in with your Barnes & Noble account, at which point you will have access to your shelf.

Your Shelf, your Collection

One of the biggest reasons that people resist the switch over to eBooks is the potential lack of a coherent collection. After the fiasco with the PlayStation Network, one can see just why people would be distrustful of digital libraries. Fortunately, the library presented by the e-reader application is much easier to navigate than most others, and it is even presented in the form of a book shelf. That being the case, this is much more convenient, and it is much more enjoyable. This of course should be no surprise whatsoever, when you consider the fact that this application is designed and conceived by a company that has spent decades pleasing readers and presenting them with options that will enhance their reading experience.

The Difference

You know why it’s a good idea, and you know that your book collection will be safe, but what is the real benefit, besides saving space on your shelf at home? In our opinion, it’s availability, and not just due to print runs. We’re talking about having the ability to read what you want, when you want, regardless of the space at the book store. When a physical book store chooses its stock, it has to do so carefully as shelf space is incredibly limited. With an online store, the shelf space is unlimited, and with that being the case, thousands upon thousands of books are available to anyone who wants to pay for them, and that is one innovation that cannot be ignored. We’re living in a great time for eBooks – enjoy it!