Cool Tech Gadgets That Turn Your Home into a Smart House

Cool Tech Gadgets That Turn Your Home into a Smart House

It should be noted that 12 volt linear actuators are finding their way into a wide range of smart home applications. Users are being treated to newly improved applications that are making life more cozy and convenient. Technological advancements in home automation are giving people little option but to automate their homes. Currently, there is a wide range of applications as well as accessories that are making it easier for people to automate their homes.

This article focuses solely on some simple but high-tech devices whose aim is to make people’s lives better. With the increasingly innovative ideas as well as products that are introduced in the market on a yearly basis, home automation is becoming a reality even to those whose income is relatively low. Below are examples of some gadgets which are not only cool but promise to make our lives better:

The iGrill2 or Grilling Thermometer – smart house

The iGrill2 is mainly a device that will help you monitor the temperature of four food items that you are grilling. Through this gadget, people can also remotely monitor the temperature of food inside the grill. Interested users can download the app, insert the probes, and finally set their desired temperatures and even activate an alarm. Once installed and set, users can monitor their grill temperature from a maximum distance of 150ft. You can use this gadget with any outdoor grilling equipment, so you can still cook meats to perfection without minding the grill all the time. If you don’t have a quality grill yet, we recommend exploring this page –


Super-Fast Wi-Fi Router – smart house

This router provides users with not only the best range but also allows them always to have access to the fastest speeds. The above is made possible through the addition of an extra traffic lane which makes sure that slowpoke devices do not interfere with the speeds of other devices. Unlike other routers, the Nighthawk router is fitted with six antennas which help it to not only locate but also to direct signals to all the connected devices.

Milwaukee’s ONE-KEY – smart house

The Milwaukee’s ONE-KEY is indeed a revolutionary device. This new generation device can be programmed to help people whenever they are setting the gauge, or deciding on the type of metal or determining the size of screw to use. Once everything is set, users can drive screws to programmed depths, and whenever the required depth is reached, the device cuts off power and stops.

C-250 and the Viking E-40-BN-EWP Door Box – smart house

These two products from Viking Electronics help users to remotely answer their doors, remotely speak with their visitors, and also open their doors. After being programmed, users can dial up to five family phone numbers, and whenever the button is pressed, one can know that they have to answer the door.

Whenever someone leaves their house, they can program the controller to direct calls to their personal cell phones and remotely monitor who is at their door.

The TrickleStar Motion Sensor PowerStrip – smart house

This device works by making sure that devices which are not being used are shut off to help prevent them from drawing power and elevating your electricity bill.

Crowley Jones EV1850 Eye-Vac Pro Electric Dustpan – smart house

This dustpan comes in handy especially to those individuals who have back problems. It works by detecting the presence of the broom and it immediately sucks up the dirt pile. The work of the user is only to aim it correctly.

Inspection Cameras – smart house

In the business of surveillance, manufacturers have made incredible progress. For example, the General Tools iBoresque which is not only unique but offers users incredible experience.

Digital Fence Gauge – smart house

A good example is the Wixey WR25 Mini Digital Height Gauge. This device allows users to precisely set their table saw blade at a specific height. Additionally, it can also be used to set the fence on a person’s router table.

Digital Miter Gauge

Automatic Water Shutoff – smart house

An automatic water shutoff system like the WaterCop control valve works in tandem with sensors. After the sensors detect leaks within the house, they send signals to the valve which then shuts off the water flow. Users can also make use of temperature sensors which signals the valve to shut off water flow when the indoor temperature falls to a predetermined temperature.

Reduce Cord Clutter – smart house

This device mainly provides users with a plug-in spot on their desk. It is not only convenient but also provides users with a clean and an uncluttered look. However, users are also forced to cut a hole of approximately more than four inches in diameter.

QwikSEER + WattSaver add-on controller board – smart house

The above controller works by making the user’s AC system more efficient. It works by making the blower motor to run at its optimal speed with the sole purpose of making it match the temperature and humidity levels of a home. It is estimated to save users a significant amount on their annual AC bill.

LED Retrofit for Recessed Lighting – smart house

Lighting can make your electricity bills to hit extremely high levels. However, if you want to reduce your electric bills, it is essential that you look for a retrofit module bulb, for example, the Halo RL560 type.

Hide TV Wires – smart house

This functionality is indeed cool in that it allows you to hide the often many and ugly wires that are leading to your TV. If interested, the Power Jumper kit (No. 22APJW-7R) is a perfect example and gifts you with the opportunity of invisibly getting digital cable as well as power to your TV.

Keep Your Components Cool

The chances of having your electronic devices overheat as a result of the heat being released hard drives and satellite boxes are indeed high. However, by using tiny fans such as the CabCool 1202-M, users can not only monitor the heat levels but can also have the fans turn on and off whenever they need them to.

The use of linear actuators in home automation continues to take revolutionary turns. Currently, the world is experiencing and witnessing massive technological advancement, especially in home automation.

A significant chunk of this success can be attributed to the fact increased and improved integration of linear actuators with household devices and gadgets. The world is yet to see the last of home automation and hence the high expectation.