Connected Car Data Solutions By Blackberry IVY Take Center Stage At CES 2024

The connected car market is quickly growing in numbers, forming a substantial portion of the IoT ecosystem. At CES 2024, a global tech event scheduled from January 9-12 in Las Vegas, BlackBerry Limited is set to unveil the remarkable capabilities of its BlackBerry IVY connected vehicle data platform, showcasing an array of mobility applications.

Connected Car Data Solutions By Blackberry IVY Take Center Stage At CES 2024

As the integration of electronics in automobiles has witnessed a substantial surge over the past few decades, vehicles now possess enhanced capabilities to monitor and record both internal and external activities. This evolution has given rise to the era of connected cars, vehicles equipped to share diverse information, both internally and externally, particularly with other cars through internet connectivity. These connected cars represent a swiftly expanding segment within the broader Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Projections indicate that the number of connected cars in operation is anticipated to exceed 400 million by 2025, a significant increase from approximately 237 million in 2021.

At CES 2024, BlackBerry Limited is set to unveil the remarkable capabilities of its BlackBerry IVY connected vehicle data platform. This innovative platform empowers developers across industries to rapidly design and deploy insights-driven automotive services by harnessing in-vehicle AI processing and a user-friendly development platform. The CES demonstration will feature an array of mobility applications, highlighting the diverse solutions developed on the BlackBerry IVY platform, providing automakers with the opportunity to differentiate and potentially monetise connected car services.

The connected vehicle data solutions by Blackberry IVY

Automotive solutions powered by connected vehicle data leverage real-time information gathered from various sensors and systems within a vehicle. These solutions encompass a wide range of applications, including predictive maintenance, fleet management, telematics, and in-cabin experiences. With the ability to collect and analyse data on vehicle performance, health, and user behavior, connected vehicle solutions enable automakers and developers to create intelligent applications that not only improve vehicle reliability but also provide valuable insights for optimising operations.

BlackBerry, a global leader in intelligent security software, is dedicated to securing over 500 million endpoints, including more than 235 million vehicles, by leveraging AI and machine learning to deliver innovative solutions in cybersecurity, safety, and data privacy.

Blackberry IVY platform empowers developers to design and deploy insights-enabled automotive services swiftly, leveraging in-vehicle AI-enabled processing. It offers a developer-friendly environment that encourages the creation of diverse applications.

Blackberry IVY at CES 2024

CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, is an annual trade exhibition orchestrated by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Taking place every January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Winchester, Nevada, United States, the event serves as a prominent platform for unveiling and showcasing the latest products and technologies within the consumer electronics sector. The event brings with itself presentations and demonstrations to introduce cutting-edge innovations, providing insights into the evolving landscape of consumer technology.

The IVY™ showcase at CES will feature a wide array of mobility applications. IVY powered in-vehicle AI demonstrations will present in-vehicle AI demonstrations, including Michelin‘s real-time tire wear monitoring, COMPREDICT’s virtual sensor solutions for cost savings and vehicle health insights monetization, and intelligent in-cabin experiences by industry leaders like Cinemo, CorrActions, CarIQ, idrive, and emotion3D. The showcase will extend to next-generation insurance solutions, intelligent vehicle cybersecurity, and quality insights provided by partners like Nexar and Upstream Security.

Additional partners will be showcasing how BlackBerry IVY powers next generation digital cockpits and intelligent fleet management services, with demonstrations from partners such as the MIH Consortium, Mitsubishi Electric, and Intellias. These demonstrations showcase how IVY insights can enhance fleet capabilities, advanced vehicle cockpit systems, and cutting-edge solutions like Intellias’ IntelliKit 2.0.

The IVY Ecosystem has grown rapidly, and now embraces an impressive range of applications that are set to change the mobility business and the in-car experience by harnessing the power of connected vehicle data”, said Vito Giallorenzo, Senior Vice President & General Manager, BlackBerry IVY.

We’re looking forward to demonstrating the many and varied ways that our ecosystem members are innovating on the IVY platform and how it has enabled them to easily develop and scale their solutions.”

For a firsthand experience of BlackBerry IVY’s transformative capabilities, visitors can attend live demonstrations at CES from January 9-12 in the West Hall at Booth #4224. Additional live demos featuring BlackBerry IVY applications will be showcased in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric (#3151), MIH (#7216), and Intellias (#7075).