Communication channels are evolving fast, don’t get left behind

Communication channels are evolving fast, don’t get left behind Image source:

Academics predict that the world will change more during the next 20 years than it ever has throughout human history. Technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate and the world of business is changing with it. Communication facilities are a big part of this technical revolution and while certain channels may not be relevant in the present, they are expected to be a universal standard in the not-so-distant future.

Closed Circuit Televisions

Closed circuit televisions have been in circulation for many years; however, it wasn’t until broadband become so widely available that they really started to take off. Businesses will often install webcams in conference rooms so they can have a more personal communication experience with clients and co-workers in remote facilities.

The current generation of webcams provide 1080p high definition videos. In the future the resolution is expected to move up to 4k with H.264 compression. Simply put, they will have a very high definition and will take up very little space or processing power. In addition, installs will be USB video class (UVC).

Smart Phones and Tablets

The biggest change to communication over the past decade has been the smart phone revolution. What was once considered a luxury is now found in the pockets of virtually everybody. Employment engagement agency Berghind Joseph states that roughly 80% of all employees use their personal smart phone or tablet  for business related activities. The latest generation of smart phones and tablets have incorporated video conferencing and third party software such as Skype. In the future the technology and processing power of these handheld devices is only expected to grow and become even more advanced.

Over 80% of employees use smart phones for work related activities. Image Credit: Beth Keller

Online Chat Facilities

Live chat facilities have been around ever since the birth of the Internet, but only now are they a standard fixture on most websites. Live chat is fast, cost effective and often used to communicate with clients and co-workers across the globe.

Most websites – especially in the ecommerce sector – now have live chat functions so visitors can communicate directly with customer service representatives. This is generally considered standard practice and something that most websites will be expected to provide within a few years. According to an infographic published on NETOP – along with using email and telephone – online chat is one of the top three preferred ways of making business enquiries.


Apple are expected to release their first smart watch very soon; a device which they have been developing in the dark for many years. Like tablets and smart phones, the smart watch is expected to contain various communication channels. The exact specifications are still unknown, but they’ll no doubt become a big part of the business environment in the future, especially when other tech companies follow suit.

The first smart pens have also been released. These devices can send images in real time to computers via the Internet as they are being drawn or written. While they’re yet to take off and reach the same commercial heights as smart phones and tablets, many predict that they’ll become a common addition to the workplace within the next 3-5 years.

The tech industry is moving faster than ever before and the featured communication channels are expected to become a universal standard within just 5 years. Companies that don’t adapt to the changes and invest in new hardware will be left behind and could suffer as a result.

Image credit: Beth Keller