Cognitive AI to Play a Major Role in Next Generation Vehicle Safety

In these modern days, there’s no limitation for anything. Even when life gets complicated, there are things to make our lives easier by the day. The very existence of rapidly growing technology makes it possible for us to enjoy the conveniences in any way possible.

Nothing could block you anymore. Any access from every part of the world has made reachable and possible. When your way of entertainment got blocked, many of us would find a way to overcome it. For example, you can watch Netflix from any corner of the world using VPN, eliminating the blockage and limitations as easy as possible.

Life also gets easier when AI is around. In the days when we have our personal assistance, anything seems to be possible. When AI technology is combined with Cognitive Computing, the result would be quite satisfactory.

However, sometimes people often confused about these two, even thinking they’re the same things. In actuality, we can see a big difference to determine each of them, although they bring the same implication, that computers are now capable of doing humans works.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

As you probably know, AI is a short term for Artificial Intelligence, a simulation of human intelligence processed with machines (computers). The process reflects almost perfectly what humans intelligence means. They think, changing the data constantly, and often producing their own thoughts.

The process involves deep learning and activating all parts that make us humans: senses, processing and learning, and human responses. Though the standard application of AI is game playing, it’s now possible for AI to do some more extensive works like problem-solving, automatic programming, and so much more.

What is Cognitive Computing?

We can see Cognitive Computing as a supplement to supports our daily works. It’s made and destined to perform given particular tasks to run and accommodate human intelligence, not replacing it.

Though it seems to be understood now, it has been developed since the first era of the internet. But with the current technology flow, it’s now possible to turn Cognitive Computing into a tool for better analysis resulting from better data compiling.

What Are The Differences?

While AI focuses on amplifying the way human thinks to solve coming problems, Cognitive Computing arrived with pretty different goals. AI wants to create new ways to solve a problem, and Cognitive Computing is simply “mimicking” human behaviour to solve problems.

As for their character, AI could be a new way to make decisions that are made through better, more advanced algorithms. Meanwhile, Cognitive Computing doesn’t work that way. As mentioned before, it works as a supplement for decision making done by us humans.

AI Paving The Way for Autonomous Cars

Combined the two worlds, you can get the best possible result you’ve ever imagine. Autonomous cars have been a dream for so many long years. What seemed to be impossible is nigh. But, even when it promises an excellent method of transportation in the future, safety reasons are the main setbacks.

In order to shape autonomous transportations for the public market, the manufacturers need to work their way to ensure that the safeties are on another level. The standard safety procedures are not enough for it to work.

Through the use of AI that can be implemented, autonomous vehicles should come closer as the need for improvements has been fulfilled.

AI for Vehicle Safety

Approximately 90% of car accidents are due to human errors. An idea to solve this is to implement Ai technology to make the vehicles fully autonomous. This can be a great idea to eliminate human errors by helping the driver drive smoothly while keeping the driver and pedestrians’ safety.

Before one can operate it, specific higher safety standards should be met. A more improved detection system should be the technology to focus on. By utilizing components of cameras and sensors, autonomous vehicles can detect the surrounding proximity much better.

Since AI has its way of constantly learning by experience, it will act on similar scenarios accordingly, effectively reducing human error in the future.

New Models Using AI

With the robust nature of AI, manufacturers and researchers are working together to find the best setup and standards. The AI, safety detection system, is one aspect they primarily focus on. They want to make it as perfect as possible to reduce human errors effectively so that drivers can be saved from trouble. 

What it does is simple. It will detect and notify the driver around seven seconds before the upcoming impact, so the driver can be alerted to take control of the vehicle to avoid accidents.

This enhanced detection system can help drivers from being distracted, which is usually the case in car accidents. While helping by learning driver’s experience, AI will hopefully reduce car crashes dramatically in the future.