Why Was The Cisco WebEx Team Change Needed?

Why Was The Cisco WebEx Team Change Needed

With Cisco WebEx Teams coming to fruition in April of this year, many people have asked why this is the case. As i’m sure many people were happy with the way that Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx were performing and their future outlook. While this may be true, there were certain factors that were affecting the performance of both platforms, with Cisco in control of both of these, they decided to take action.

Kinly take a look at why the change was definitely needed and Cisco WebEx Teams will be a vast improvement in the long run.


Despite Cisco pushing strongly for marketing of the two platforms, many people were confused about the differences between Spark and WebEx. This would naturally hurt sales of both platforms, and when you have two of your own services hurting each other, it’s important to get ahead and fix that problem. Merging the two is a way of sorting out the confusion, showing to customers that they’re dedicated to the services that both Spark and WebEx brought, with Teams utilising all the features their predecessors brought.

Along with confusion, the development cycle of both these platforms would have been slowed down by each other. Merging the two into one development team will have huge effects on the pace and quality of updates coming out for WebEx Teams.


With the many announcements about Spark and it’s popularity, this drove people’s perception of WebEx to decrease, thinking that it would be going away despite Cisco updating it with new features regularly. Alongside that, with all the focus on Slack, it still wasn’t making the impact that Cisco wanted it to make. Competing with giants such as Microsoft and the popular Slack collaboration tools, Cisco realised they needed to make a big change and soon, before Slack fell by the wayside while WebEx teams took a hit, brand wise because of it.

WebEx Teams

How does WebEx Teams change all of this? Merging them into one consistent, solidified communications platform, where Cisco can focus their efforts and resources soley into it, rather than splitting the two, both development wise and public perception of the product.

WIth this merge, the previous problems are solved and rather than splitting their community, Cisco can focus on providing a top quality, unified communication platform that everybody can use!

Speak to a video conferencing provider such as Kinly today and see if Cisco WebEx Teams is right for you and your business!

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