Who Can Write Your Essay in 1 Hour?

Who Can Write Your Essay in 1 Hour?

Essay writing is no less than a horror movie trailer. Imagine, you are given a short deadline to complete such a horrific task. You will feel helpless and will not know where to begin. Well, do not worry anymore! Here are some ideas on who can write your essay in one hour: 

1. Your Seniors

Your seniors can become one of your best sources. They have been in the same place that you are in right now. You can pay them a minimal fee for their services as they are students as well and will understand the financial constraints. You can also rely on them content-wise because they will have a better idea about the expectations of the professors. They can nail an essay with an hour due to their writing practice. You can even ask them to write down an outline for you. A well-made outline acts as a blueprint on which you can build the entire infrastructure, which is your essay. This writing can be done under an hour as you already have the skeleton for your content. If you still need more essay writing help, there are cheap essay writing service providers you can choose from. Don’t forget to check out the structure of the essay and do not forget to observe the coherence between the paragraphs.

2. Social media groups

This is one of the best options when it comes to the daunting task of “1-hour essay”. You can find many groups related to freelancing on Facebook. Many individual freelancers will be ready to accept this challenge. Some of them are pretty experienced. You can rely on them in terms of quality and deadlines. The Facebook groups provide you with an added benefit, which is the option of chatting directly with the writer. You can easily contact them and let them know about the details. Moreover, you can also negotiate prices which is not possible when you assign work to online websites.

3. Freelancing services

Using freelancing services is a good option. You can go to websites like fiver and Upwork, where you can select from a large group of people who are capable and well experienced to write your essays. On these sites, each freelancer has a dedicated page where you can see their sample work. A clear description of the services they can provide is also written there. You can also see their ratings. These are given to them by the people who have used their services previously. These things can help you narrow your options down from hundreds of freelancers to a few select people, which makes things less confusing. Another plus side is that the prices are very reasonable. The cost can be as low as $5.

4. Online essay writing services

If you do not want to go through the process of selecting the freelancer or even registering for freelancing site, then online essay writing services are for you. Firstly, you get good quality content which is not plagiarized. Plus, you save time by directly giving your order rather than going on a site and selecting a freelancer. You also get your work on time because the writers are professionals and can do their work quickly. Lastly, you also get 24-hour support from these services, which very beneficial for you. Providers like Essay Kitchen make sure that the quality of the work makes it worth every penny you spend.

5. Ask your professors

This can be one of your best options. Think about it. You will have the chance to learn from a professor. You can get to know what they are looking for in the essays, which in the future, can help you earn more marks. You will also get a different perspective of writing, a much important one indeed. Your professor might point out some crucial mistakes you make that you do not even realize. A professor is someone who can easily help you in achieving the task of completing an essay under an hour. Try to reach out to them beforehand and always send them reminders via emails.

6. Ask your friends

If you are too uncomfortable asking your professor, then you can try getting essay writing help from a friend.  You can ask them to teach you how to write better or ask them to correct your mistakes. You can do this with a group of friends to get multiple perspectives on the essay. As it is an essay under an hour, a group of friends will come in handy. You can assign each one of them a paragraph or two. Do not forget to read the essay at the end. It is correct that too many cooks spoil the broth. To save your essay from having coherence issues, read it and fix the flow.

7. Buy essays online

You can easily get the best essay writing service online that sells pre-written essays. Many websites offer low prices for such services. You can easily type in your topic, and the results will show several potential pre-written essays that contain similar keywords. One of such services is “essayzoo.com”. It offers a wide range of essays. The one-hour essay challenge can be easily tackled by buying a ready-made essay. You can easily see the first page of the content as they do provide the preview option. Some of the websites also provide samples of their writings to give you a better idea of how the content is going to be like.

8. Be careful!

Whenever you are asking for someone’s help regarding essay writing, keep the following points in your mind. Whether its an individual or a website, do not forget to ask for plagiarism reports. Copied content will not help you get good grades but can create serious issues for you. You should always be concerned about the quality and not just availing the cheapest service. Always ask for work samples. In this way, you will make better choices. You are already short on time as one hour is not so long. You cannot afford to comprise the quality of the content that you submit. Some of the online websites claim to be a “fast writing service”. Double-check this claim by going through the reviews and ratings. Always go for the services that provide an option for revisions. Do not forget to check the profiles of the writers as they play a major role in how the content will turn out. Try essay writing help from WriteMyEssayForMe, and you can see how high quality essays are done.

Writing an essay within an hour is harder-said-than-done, but you can choose from the above options and decide who will perform it for you. Do not forget to weigh the pros and cons of each option. Remember to choose wisely and try learning the skill as it is a crucial one!

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