How Can I Accept Payments Without a Physical Store?

Without having a physical store that customers can visit to pay for items, you may be wondering how you can trade in the first place. While some local jobs may allow for cash payments to be made directly to you, if your scope is a lot larger, or even if you trade internationally, this may not be a valid option for you. Instead, it might be a good idea to consider some of the ways that you can get paid, without ever needing to meet the customer in-person.

Phone Payments

Although this may seem like an older means of ordering, some people might still prefer to speak to a person when purchasing goods or services, and also make their payment in the process. This might involve the customer giving you their card details over the telephone. It may not be good business to write these down on paper, as this can lead to data protection issues.

Instead, you might want to look into the ways that you can accept payments in your web browser, allowing you to put in the specified order, and then enter the customer’s personal and financial information. This will also afford you the ability to let the customer know if the transaction has been successful, or if the payment was declined. From here, you may opt to send a confirmation to the customer’s email address, or even in the post, prior to their order’s creation and dispatch.

Online Card Payments

A number of people choose to do a variety of shopping online each day, from getting their groceries ordered, to housewares, and even gifts for special occasions. If you want to take payments directly on your website, using the customer’s debit or credit card, there may be a few considerations that you should make first. One of these can be to look into the ways that you can improve your website security. If your website is preluded by ‘https’, it means that it is secure. You may also notice a padlock symbol within the address bar. This means that your site is encrypted and any personal or financial data, including passwords, are more likely to be safe from cybercriminals. If your current site merely says ‘http’, you may want to think about adding webpage security prior to allowing customers to make purchases using their card details.

Payment Platforms

Alongside card payments, there is also the option of a number of payment platforms. These may momentarily redirect the customer from your website, so that they can sign into their previously registered payment account. This way, they don’t need to put in any card details on your site themselves, but instead can authorize payments from a provider that has this information within its database.

Not having a physical store can be a great way for you to avoid needing to pay for rent or other unnecessary business expenses. By looking at the ways that you can trade remotely, you may be able to increase your income, and even accomplish this from home.