What Call Features Should Your Business Phone Have?

What Call Features Should Your Business Phone Have?
What Call Features Should Your Business Phone Have?

When you are buying business phones for your office, you need to find a phone that does everything you need. These phones can come with a number of options that are listed below. Plus, you can utilize these options in any way that you want. When you find phones that do everything on this list, your business will be much easier to manage. Additionally, your staff will be much more efficient. It should be noted that there is also the virtual mode, in which we can buy USA phone numbers through which we can manage our business without the need of a landline.

Conference Calling

Conference call lines are a simple way for you to connect multiple people to the same call. You can get a conference call speaker that you will put in a conference room, or you can get business phones that handle conference calls. It all depends on what you need to get your job done every day.

Plus, the conference call feature should allow you to add people to the call with no trouble. You should be able to press a button, call a number, and add the caller. Moreover, you should be able to press the conference button to add someone who is calling the same line.

Multiple Lines On One Phone

When you need a phone for the front desk, you need multiple lines. The phone should have a light for each line, and the phone should allow you to press the button for any line at any time. All the other calls are put on hold, and your receptionist can easily transition from one call to the next.

Plus, you may want to get multiple lines if you have a line that is meant for new customers, a line for existing customers, and a line for vendors. These phones are easy to answer, and they offer voicemail capabilities.

Call Transfer

The phone that you use in the office should allow you to transfer calls from one phone to another. When you press the transfer button, you should be able to dial the extension that the call is going to. This is a big part of managing the front desk, but people in your office need the same capability.

If someone on your staff is chatting with a customer, they might need to send that customer on to someone else. You can teach your whole staff how to use these phones, and they can transfer calls internally instead of asking the customer to call back.


You need a voicemail option that allows your phone to pick up missed calls, offer a greeting message, and save the messages that are left behind. The phone should flash a signal for every voicemail that is left for the office, and the voicemails can be saved for as long as you want.

You need a phone that has simple instructions for using voicemail, checking voicemails, changing your greeting message, and deleting voicemails.

VoIP Capabilities

You can get VoIP phones that will connect to the Internet to make these calls. These phones should do all the same things that your other phones do. Plus, the phones might be more reliable because the Internet connection will not drop these calls. Some companies choose to invest in a POTS Line Replacement in order to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP calls. For this purpose you should find phones that will give you the best possible connection, in order to make the most of VoIP technology.

Wireless Phones

There is no reason for your phones to have a traditional cord. You can get wireless phones that you can use in your office as you walk around and complete other tasks. A wireless phone is a good option for someone who runs a small business, or you might need a wireless phone if you are constantly getting up from your desk. You do not want people to call your cell phone all the time, but they can call a wireless phone in your office that allows you a little bit of mobility.


The phone features that are listed above will let you get the most work done during the day. It is very simple for you to buy a phone that will allow you to make conference calls, transfer calls, collect voicemails, and pick up a wireless phone. You might even want to get a VoIP phone that allows you to connect to the Internet. Buy a phone system that works in each office, on the front desk, and in every conference room.

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