Will Facebook share price reach $54 valuing Facebook at 135 billion Dollars?

The question is polemic and has created a lot of passion about it.  Will Facebook share price reach $54 valuing Facebook at $ 135,718,802,154?

It is of a paradox that the biggest IPO (initial public offering) in the tech history so far is taking its place in the same day the European markets are crashing and Greece and Spain, to name the most present troubled countries, are going through woes, to say least and most of the banks in Europe are downgraded.

Striking paradox the world we leave in. In one hand one single company that is going to create around 1000 millionaires and on the other the facts that second biggest economic zone in the world Europe, with around 900 million people is collapsing.

But rewinding some years ago the IPO of Google was as well in a time of Dot Com boom times and where economy was in dire streets.

In this website http://www.facebookipodayclosingprice.com/ a fun real time twitter experiment to find out what people predict Facebook’s IPO closing day price will be a lot of interesting input can be found on real time and through the fast speed of social media sentiment.

Bubble or not Facebook has users and traffic and at the moment has more impact than any web company in the world like it or not. Have a look in my article Mark Zuckerberg’s Vision: Facebook and a new Disruptive Social Open Economy

“Facebook was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected.”

At first glance Mark Zuckerberg’s own words speak more of his vision than his corporate aims. The above quote has something of the evangelical about it, especially coming from a man who controls around 57 % of the board of his company. At this point Zuckerberg really doesn’t need to convert anyone else to his way of thinking.

In his letter to investors announcing the IPO he stated that “Facebook was not originally created to be a company,” and somehow that still rings true: Facebook is not your typical company, although it now has 3200 employees, 3.7 Billion Dollars of revenue and 1 billion after tax net income from 2011.

So the question people are putting today is not new like in this tweet from: DerwentCapitalMay:

Facebook IPO is tomorrow, going to be a very interesting day. #faceboom or #facebust ?

I am not going to answer the question but I am an optimist! As I wrote some months ago: things are changing and whether you like it or not the world is going to be disrupted again and it is not about Facebook it is about a tech change that is so accelarated that nothing can change it (for now) and we have to live with it and that is not necessary wrong. Facebook IPO how Social Media disrupts the economy!

“Facebook IPO is out there and is real! It shows that Software, the Digital and the Social Media industry as a whole are eating / replacing the economy / disrupting it. And although it seems crazy I believe it is also good news, not just because of Facebook in itself but because of what it represents, the digital world industry and all the economy. The advent of Facebook is the emergence of new digital open data, a somehow new economy.
If Facebook keep they user base happy they are well positioned to be another (part of the) web! And it will get the social media industry stronger than ever! Also around Facebook there are a lot of small and big players that are creating an amazing ecosystems that rebuilds trust and open new ways of doing business and expanding open business capacities. Also with the emergence of the Social Graph Facebook has been achieving an unprecedented achievement in the process of open data, economy of trust and understanding social behavior.
Innovation and disrupting is a factor that has been happening through history and always moves people away from their comfort zone. But I think getting out of the box is key to evolve in a world with 7 billion people that is going to be more and more disruptive. In the past the advent of radio, TV created as well amounts of zombie audiences around the world. But innovation is always an open door for new things good and sometimes bad. In the end it all about how you handle it.”

Facebook closed at 38.23 +0.37 (0.97%) in its first day of trading. 26 people predicted 38 (in the same website facebookipodayclosingprice.com/), the same price Facebook opened at.