The power of “digital relationship” – interview with WBI Brasil’s CEO Paulo Kendzerski

Paulo Kendzerski-WBI BrasilWith 12 years in the marketplace, WBI Brasil develops integrated solutions of online commmunications and web apps to corporations in Brazil. It focuses on e-commerce projects, exploits the technological culture and encourages digital relationship to help customers achieve their goals.

In his interview to IntelligentHQ, the company’s CEO, Paulo Kendzerski, tells us about the mentality of customers, strategies of digital marketing, and the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

IntelligentHQ – What are the major demands of digital marketing in Brazil?

Paulo Kendzerski – Online advertising, mainly at Google Adwords is the major demand in Brazil today and in second place comes social network management. The next demand which is growing at a lower pace but is equally important is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It is still undervalued by entrepreneurs, unfortunately, because is the tactic with best results  in medium and long-term, being accountable for 40 to 50 percent of the total revenue.

wbi brasilIntelligentHQ – What type of frustration your customers generally have with digital marketing? How to change their mentality?

Kendzerski – The main frustration is associated with the idea that the internet alone generates results. “Just put a website in the air and the success will happen soon”. This doesn’t happen.

The majority of entrepreneurs still does not recognize the necessities to reach success on the web. It is needed to have an infrastructure to attend the demand, domestic or external, it is necessary to invest in online advertising and to develop communication actions to amplify the relationship with their consumers.

IntelligentHQ – What sort of innovations your company has put in place to attract customers?

Kendzerski – We always seek to identify the consumers trends of internet usage. So we can prepare the necessary steps that our customers need to be well positioned. Examples of these are the viral actions, which are a success on the social networks. In 2004, we were already using the tactic for our customers.

Since 2005, we already were talking on the importance of relationship actions with the target audience in a segmented form. Nowadays, social networks make these interactions possible.


IntelligentHQ – What are your main products and what best meets your customers’ demand? What is the most profitable in the sector?

Kendzerski – I am sure that SEO is the best tactic to achieve the best results in the medium/long-term. If I had a single chip, I would bet on making a totally optmized website/e-commerce. I would devote a significant part of my investment on online advertising to reach the objectives as quick as possible.

We have a tripod of success at WBI Brasil. Strategic consultancy, expertise of businesses staff and the viral campaigns.