ASMALLWORLD – The Exclusive Social Network

ASMALLWORLD an exclusive social network – Profile and Overview

Social media is still in its infancy and although Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become global mainstream players, there are still some very influential niche social networks out there. These networks are reaching key opinion makers and audiences with a loyal following, such as Ecademy or in this case the increasing closed, elitist and jet set VIP successful network  ASMALLWORLD.NET.

Private Community

ASMALLWORLD is one of the world’s leading private online communities that captures an international wealthy and affluent clientele. It has been able to continue creating momentum due to its small but very wealthy group of globe trotters who gather in the most exclusive places around the world, enjoying luxury and comfort. This social network is as well a powerful offline organiser of events and in the last few years it has increasingly become a jet set must have.

Paris Hilton and Erik Watchmeister

Founded in March 2004 by Swedish Investment banker and INSEAD Alumnus Erik Wachtmeister, married to Countess Louise Wachtmeister, ASMALLWORLD was a kind of the social aristocratic website since its inception. Eric is the son of Swedish Ambassador Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister and Countess Ulla Wachtmeister and his network, work experience includes international investment banking. There are rumors that  he is currently planning to launch the new social media site

ASMALLWORLD membership is something very difficult to have and only a very top invitation can open doors to this closed online VIP network. Its exclusive members have a similar experience to Facebook in its platform, but the twist is they are indeed part of an online and very exclusive selective club. The experience includes being invited to parties in some of the most famous clubs, hotels and locations and also the possibility of meeting people from high society. The website can also be used as a sophisticated high profile dating network to meet interesting people that share similar backgrounds, interests and perspectives.

High Profile

The website although not with the same numbers of mainstream websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or even Google + has a substantial network of high profile professionals, around 500.000 members according to the website. The members are from various industries and locations and are part of an international elite that travels frequently. They are part of the world leading financial, “millionaire” jet set club scene.

ASMALLWORLD offers considerable user generated content and resources in travel (it offers travel guides, deals, a geolocator), events, business networks and job offers. Part of its success can be attributed to the famous ASW parties, well known for their exclusivity, exoticism and extravagance. Held in luxury locations and with brands such as Cartier and famous celebrities in attendance, they has proven to be the main draw for some well heeled members.

ASMALLWORLD’s unique platform offers powerful tools and user generated premium content to help members manage their private, social and business lives and gives the opportunity for some premium brands to reach a top affluent network. ASMALLWORLD offers a retreat that intimately allows members to enhance their networks and to reconnect with old or new friends, as long as they are in the same exclusive club reach.

Since its debut in 2004, the project has been innovative in appealing to a niche section of the social graph. Keeping it closed but still able to tap into the evolving world of social networking which is still in its early days. In that era it was Myspace that was making its way as the leading social net aside from Friendster et all. In those days specialised social networks were scarce, but with the advent of the social web this project proved its longevity and has been passing through its challenges, growing, evolving and keeping it’s core audience and users. The founder Eric Wachtmeister and his wife hit up an affluent niche of an international network of wealthy and influential people. ASMALLWORLD grew to a userbase of initially 30,000 users, and later 500,000.


Membership to ASMALLWORLD is by invitation only since its debut, which is part of what makes this network exclusive and the connections authentic. Trusted and loyal ASW members who meet certain criteria have the privilege of inviting a limited number of their friends to the network. If you know someone with this privilege, you have to ask them to invite you. Once inside the platform you have to grow your network and it is done through a process that filters opportunists and the curious. This makes the website interesting for wealthy and affluent people, conscious of keeping their privacy.

Patrick Liotard-Vogt, Chairman of ASW

In 2006, US Hollywood movie producers brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein – notably being responsible for founding Miramax Films studios and plenty of blockbusters such as Pulp Fiction, The English Patient and the Scary Movie series – acquired a significant stake in the website and company for an undisclosed amount and made it their first internet investment. This move was covered by numerous outlets, and gave the website a signification US and stardom PR.

The Weinstein company sold its stake in 2009 to the 25-year old Swiss native Patrick Liotard-Vogt descendant from the Nestle “royal” family as it’s lead investor, along with an Austrian Advertising CEO, Leandro Sanchez (founder of, who exited to Ringier in 2008) and Stephane Doutriaux (Founder of Poken). With Patrick Liotard-Vogt on board the website has been going through a refreshment and focus that is trying to position the platform and its network  to a new dimension.

Liotard-Vogt, the Swiss entrepreneur, part of the family that founded Nestle Corp, first took the position of CEO and then moved to become Chairman. The 25 year old has been shifting and re-positioning the website ASW as a “trusted community”, focusing on the affluent jet set international travelling industry rather than an “elite social network”. His wealth and global Swiss “royal” pedigree associated with his energetic approach and personal network has been shifting the website to a global network of VIP reach and opening its doors to become an organiser of parties and focusing on association with luxury brands and travelling destinations. Moreover the social network offers curated travel services and provides its members with access to luxury experiences at prices not available anywhere else.

Liotard-Vogt and his team have been changing the website and taking it to the maistream and infusing some energy into it.  The focus has been to “add a real value to reality, not only to one’s online connections”, and he even thinks that “Facebook is complementary to ASW”, which is the reason they have a Facebook page.

As with every other company, ASWs team is now trying to push the website to the mobile web and developing Apps for making reservations at elite hotels, restaurants and world trending clubs and allowing users to upgrade everything from flight tickets to hotel rooms.

The website includes a Magazine Home section called The People, another very busy area: Travel. Other features include: The Scene, Culture Watch, Style, On the Table, Blogs.

ASW current userbase is around 770,000 members whether they are elites or not. The traffic numbers according to Compete are around 45k users a month.


Founders: Count Erik Wachtmeister born 1955, and Countess Louise Wachtmeister, 28 April 1978
Chairman and present main shareholder and investor Patrick Liotard-Vogt, (since 2004), co-founder of,, the social business card,,;
President and CEO: Sabine Heller;

Facebook profile: