Business Guide to Twitter – Part 5

Business Guide to Twitter – Part 5 – Become a Popular Tweeter

In the last few years, Twitter has shown itself to be a place for people to promote themselves in a completely different way than before. With short bursts of content, info and links, you can make it easy for people to get to know your personality and become familiar with your product, and share it with their followers. The key to Twitter is making sure that your posts remain fresh and frequent, so that you will always be on the mind of your Twitter followers.

If you give your followers content that they enjoy and find informative, it will naturally lead to an increase in the amount of retweets and responses you get. Engaging with your followers personally and showing that there is a real person behind the computer will put you closer to the heart of your clients, this will ensure that they don’t see you as a faceless marketing machine.

31. Respond to other Tweets

To become a popular Tweeter it’s a good idea to have conversations with other users about something you are both interested in. It’s a good idea to interact with users who have similar goals, so if you want to reply to what someone has said, be it to add your own opinion on the topic or point out something you disagree with, use the @ symbol in front of their Twitter handle and post your reply back. This feature can be used to draw the attention of an influential tweeter. Include their handle in your tweet and using the @ symbol and they will be notified of your post. Just make sure it’s something they are likely to find interesting.

32. Ask Interesting Questions

If you ask quality questions in your tweets it may have a massive impact on your network. Asking questions shows that you are willing to engage with other users in a dialogue or conversation, and are not just using Twitter to shout about your own business or ambitions. Also, when you ask someone a question and they reply publicly, this will be seen by their followers and will create interest in what you have to say. If it is an influential person that answered your question it will make people decide that you are someone worth following.

33. Join twitter groups

There are numerous groups and communities on websites all over the internet solely dedicated to Twitter. Join some of them and see what people are talking about. It’s a good way to exchange ideas and build new relationships. Facebook has groups like these, but there are hundreds more out there too.

34. Register with Twitter Directories

If you’re a small business owner your customers will most likely find you through word-of-mouth referrals and directory listings. Most people assume that being listed in a directory means the Yellow Pages or local phone book, but there are so many other “directories” that exist. Luckily for small business owners, most of them are free. These directories are very helpful for those who are looking to follow people within a particular niche or industry, so it’s well worth registering your business. Such online directories include Wefollow and Twellow.

35. Go to Tweetups

While conversing with other users on Twitter is a good way to build up relationships, nothing beats a bit of real life networking. Tweetups are events, while organised on Twitter, actually take place in the real world. Search on twitter using “tweetup area” and replace the area with your own location, for example “Tweetup London”.

Business tweet-ups are always happening in cities around the UK, and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are daytime lunches, some evening meals, and some are just a chat in the local pub. Tweetups are a very useful way of helping businesses find new clients or to establish new partnerships, which is why  networking is so important. Remember when attending these face to face meetings that you represent your company, so ensure you give the right message and image across.

36. Take Part in Relevant Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are one of the best ways to locate and interact with fellow users who have the same interests as you. The chats are basically conversations focusing on a specialist topic, organised by a group or person. This is a good opportunity to speak with like minded people and build relationships around a common interest. These users will then be highly likely to start following you once they know that you are well informed on your subject of expertise.

Things often move along very quickly in a Twitter Chat, and if  you want to comment on something someone has said, they may not notice your post. Therefore, you need to use the @ symbol as much as possible, as this puts your reply in the person’s mentions bar and will make it easier for them to reply.

37. Make Your Replies Public

Even though you can choose to use the DM method of replying, which will only be seen by the recipient, it can be looked on as unsociable. Replying in public allows your followers and those of the person you are talking with to see the conversation. It may encourage others to start following you if the subject is interesting enough, and may lead to a larger discussion as more users get involved, maximising your potential exposure.

38. Keep an Eye on Trending Hashtags

When something popular gets talked about a lot on Twitter it becomes a “trend” it’s usually a word describing the topic. These become hashtags and keep growing the more people mention them in their Tweets. Trending hashtags can be a good way to get more exposure, find out what is trending in your area and Tweet about it putting your own useful opinion in it with the appropriate word hashtag. Then when users search for this word they will come upon your tweet, and if they find your tweet interesting, may decide to retweet it and start following you. You can combine more than one popular hashtag to increase your chances of being retweeted and followed. offers a simple interface to search for hashtags and their trending popularity.

39. Repeat your Best Tweets

If you worked hard on a blog post that you know deserves more attention than it got, don’t be afraid to retweet it again. As long as you change the text in the tweet, it may appeal to someone who missed it the first time round, and keeping in mind there are almost 100,000,000 tweets a day, that could be quite likely. If your original tweet is still relevant to a current or ongoing situation, you can retweet it again, but its best to leave at least 8 hours between them

40. Live Tweet Events

Live tweeting an event is an online version of reporting, you don’t need a camera or microphone to record what’s going on, only a laptop or mobile with an internet connection. If you’re at an event or conference that you feel would be interesting to your followers, make sure you ask permission from any speakers or organisers, as this will also let them know you are interested in what they have to say and may result in them following you. Tweeting pictures from the event will also get peoples attention.

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