Building a Crypto Website Using WordPress

Many people are still interested in starting a crypto business despite the recent performance of the market. If you have a crypto project or business or are looking to start a crypto SaaS business, you need to build a website. A website is a central hub for your project or business as well as a source of information that others can use to write about you. Since it is the most popular option for building websites today, you should consider building your crypto website using WordPress. This article will walk you through everything you need to know to do this.

Building a Crypto Website Using WordPress

Why WordPress?

WordPress has matured to become more than the blogging platform it was initially built to be. Today, it powers some of the biggest websites in the world and has become very secure as its popularity and use have increased. It is also a versatile content management system, allowing you to build any type of website while managing its content and data easily.

There is also a massive WordPress community building themes and plugins for its users. This means that regardless of the look or functionality you are going for, this large community ensures you do not have to build your own unless you want to.

Lastly, WordPress is easy to get started with, with new website builders and drag-and-drop themes making this easier than ever.

Choosing a Website Hosting Provider

At this point, you should have validated your business idea, created some content and are now considering building a website. You will first need a suitable web hosting provider. You want to do extensive research here to ensure that the hosting provider has great WordPress hosting features, is secure and has a great reputation in the WordPress community.

Also, do not let price dictate your choice as there are a lot of cheap web hosts who do not have the best WordPress hosting services. Also, never go with a free hosting provider unless you are just testing something that you will not present to your audience.

You can start with shared hosting and move to a virtual private server once you start driving more traffic. Ensure the web host you choose uses SSDs for faster load times and allows unlimited bandwidth to remove bottlenecks once your traffic increases.

Choosing a Domain Name and Installing WordPress

Since you already have a business name, find a domain name that matches it. The good news is that there is the .crypto TLD (top-level domain) that will make it easy to find the right domain name.

Installing WordPress is relatively easy. You can do this by following instructions provided by your hosting provider or these official instructions from WordPress.

Choosing a Theme

There are numerous crypto WordPress themes to choose from. When looking for one, you should see if it follows futuristic, metallic, neon and blue, and angled shape trends that are popular in the industry.

If you have a hard time finding the right theme, the most popular and best crypto WordPress themes are:

  • Cryptic – This theme loads fast and comes with lots of support and crypto features that make it great for these websites but not for others.
  • Crypterio – This theme has a clean and unique design that makes it great for those who do not want to follow the typical themes of most crypto themes.
  • Kryptex – This theme comes with lots of interesting features like a builder, multiple layouts and short codes. It also has superior support and lots of color and typography options.

Since these are highly customizable, you can draw design inspiration from other crypto websites when building yours.

Important Pages to Include

Content marketing is especially important for crypto businesses and projects. You need to add relevant content to your website, but not before you add the relevant pages. These include:

  1. A start page – This can be the homepage or another page that provides the information visitors seek.
  2. An about page – This page provides necessary information about the business or team behind the project.
  3. A buy page – This page is optional, and it allows selling, buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies. You only need this page if you are building an exchange or would like to sell products for crypto.
  4. A news page – This can also be a blog page where people find relevant news and information about your business, projects or development in the crypto world.
  5. A forum or community page – A forum or community page is where investors, users and other interested parties can discuss your project or business.

You can include other pages relevant to your projects or business. Just ensure all pages are SEO-optimized for the best results.

Features to Add

There are several features that all crypto websites, especially those that allow trading, should have. The first is a price index. Enthusiasts and investors want to see the price movement of different cryptocurrencies right on your website.

The price index can be a table that shows the current price and price movement of multiple cryptocurrencies, or a single page for each cryptocurrency showing its historic and current price. You can find inspiration on existing exchanges like OKX. You can see the historical and current Ethereum price at OKX and this should give you an idea of what to build.

Numerous plugins can help you do this, but if you have the skills or can hire a developer, there are a lot of free and paid APIs that provide the real-time data that makes building such a feature easy.

Another important feature is the ability to check crypto balances. If you decide to add this feature, you need to ensure that you have an SSL certificate installed and let a third-party exchange or service handle the wallet authentication. This reduces the possible attack footprint in case a malicious actor becomes interested in your website.

Other features include seeing the exchange rate of crypto and crypto-fiat pairs, lead generation forms and a blog for your SEO.

WordPress allows you to build a versatile crypto website with all the features you need, whether you want a simple business website or a complex trading one. Getting started is easy, but you might need an expert to add some features and secure the website depending on what you do with it.