Build The Best Creative Space For Your Team

Build The Best Creative Space For Your Team
Build The Best Creative Space For Your Team

If you have just started managing a team of employees for the first time, you may be excited to start building the best working environment and space for the people who work with you. It is important when you are responsible for other people that you really take that extra time to make sure things are the best they can possibly be.

You and your team will need to work in the same office for most of the week, so I  is important that you make this space into a comfortable and creative hub for everyone. To do this you can do several things.

Add an outdoor space

If you own your plot of land and the office which is upon it, then you can create an outdoor area for your employees to go on their lunch breaks and during the summer time. A communal garden can be a great idea for your team encase often being outside can inspire creativity and clear the mind. Make sure to be safe during construction with a northern mat mud mat and also be sure that no one comes into the area until it is done. Add lots of bee and butterfly friendly plants to the space as well as plants which have a fragrance. Install large outdoor fountains where they can relax and have a breather. You can even put a gazebo in the space for outdoor meetings with the team.


Rotating Desks

When you are stuck sitting in the same corner of the office all the time your mind loses interest and ideas can become a little stale. If you want to avoid this being an issue you will need to allow people to move around and sit where they like on any given day. This gives your workers the chance to sit where they are most comfortable and network with new people.

Be inspirational

If you want to create a space which breeds creativity and happiness, you need to show that you are a place of inspiration and motivation. Find a few quotes which you like and display them on the walls for everyone to see. You can even have a large TV which will display a new quote every day to get people in the mood for a productive day. You can even let someone else pick the quote each day so that everyone feels involved.

Build a homely area

Your workplace is a place which you spend almost as much time as you do at home, which is why it is crucial to make people feel at home in the office. You of course don’t want to put beds and baths in the office- but you can create a calm area where people can go to relax during the day. A sofa suite, candles, a fruit bowl and kitchen area can all be great places to show your employees that this is their office and their home too. It will allow your employees to feel more valued and therefore more creative in the long run. It is a simple way to make them feel totally involved in your workplace and allow them to create great things.