Blockchain: A Glossary With Key Terms

Blockchain: A Glossary With Key Terms

BlockChain Glossary

Having a blockchain glossary will help you understand the terminology which is used in the blockchain environment. As with any developi9ng sector or sub-sector an understanding of the keywords and key phrases is essential.

This helps the individual who is new to the sector to understand articles or white papers with ease and gain knowledge

Blockchain, the technology used by the digital currency Bitcoin, is said to be causing a revolution around the world.  Visionary thinkers, investors and technologists are all talking about its immense potential and how it might trigger real change in all kinds of ways.

Blockchain is what structures the digital currency Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies that came afterwards. Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system  invented by an unknown person entitled Satoshi Nakamoto,  who published the invention of Bitcoin in a white paper in 2008. The following year, in 2009,  Bitcoin was released as open-source software.

Since then, bitcoin (and other alternative cryptocurrencies) kept flourishing and developed further. One of such promising alternatives is Ethereum, a decentralized platform for applications.

Even though blockchain is making headlines everyday, the technology in itself and how it works is still obscure. In this article we have assembled a glossary of key concepts that can help us understand blockchain in a better way.

BlockChain Keywords

Below, you will find a list of the most relevant blockchain keywords which are in use in today. Please do feel free to share or utilise the blockchain list images, all we request is that you link back to our site and give us credit for therm.

Blockchain Glossary Blockchain Glossary Blockchain Glossary

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