Beyond Cloud Interview with George Constantopoulos from SBR Consulting in partnership with Groupe INSEEC London presents: A Beyond Cloud Interview with George Constantopoulos from SBR Consulting.

The Beyond Cloud Series of video discovery discussions examines the viewpoints of some of the top minds in the UK cloud computing space as they share their views on the trends, issues and realities of the industry – and the industries which it impacts.

Many Consultancy Firms with the remit of cloud computing  are sometimes too focused on issues concerning IT infrastructure. It can be argued, from a client perspective, the real value of cloud computing is determined by how well it allows opportunities for new business Acquisition. Many Businesses who previously did not have the capital available to finance infrastructure projects, are finding that Cloud computing makes the financing of such projects, much more convenient and affordable, because if the project fails to live up to expectation, the company would have avoided spending large sums in the acquisition of IT infrastructure. This makes the architectural vs  infrastructure approach all the more important. David Linthicum in an Infoworld article perhaps puts it best:

“Let me be very clear: The movement toward cloud computing is an architectural issue, meaning that you have to take the whole business into account, understand all existing systems at a detail level, and only then begin to consider cloud computing options. Moreover, you need to think about how the systems are divided among on-premise and cloud-delivered platforms, the synergy of the architecture with the mission, and the future needs of the business”.

Competing in the cloud world requires a systematic and innovative approach for going to market with new products and services. Despite the potential of cloud computing, it is important not to overcomplicate the process, certainly when it comes to sales and direct contact with clients it is important that those doing the selling:

  • Direct and focus their cloud strategy,
  • Organize their sales and service team to drive their cloud strategy,
  • Execute and support their cloud strategy.

In this interview, Cloud Practice Director, George Constantopoulos and Daniel Steeves discuss his business model, ‘sales as a science’, regional cloud adoption and debate the necessity of regulation.

Series Questions:

Q1: You are here as the “Cloud Salesman”. Tell us about your role and how your business has changed as a result of today’s cloud computing environment, in terms of both risks and opportunities.

Q2: Why is this big thing different than the last big thing?

Q3: What are your views on regulating the cloud, or the cloud providers, or what sits in the cloud?

Q4: If you accept my premise that the cloud is a delivery vehicle, where is it taking us and what comes next along the way?

About George Constantopoulos

With over 30 years experience in consultative and solution-oriented sales, through a person-centric approach, business efficiency, and reliability, George has built strong executive-level relationships with customers. He has earned a reputation for managing and delivering complex and challenging projects, in markets of diverse cultures, on time with profitability. Through his strong business development leadership, empowering and motivating his sales and professional services teams, George was clear about adding value and articulating the excellent ROI to his customers. His efforts had bottom-line impact, winning him honors from international vendors including IBM, Google, SAP, and Cisco.
An early pioneer in the southeastern Mediterranean IT industry, George founded Byte Computer and built its customer base from scratch. He secured a game-changing contract with Lotus Development Corporation that defined Byte’s position in the market.

As he continued forging exclusive value-added partnerships and strategic alliances with global vendors, namely IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Google, Cisco, HP, and others, he gained a competitive advantage and created a launch pad for million-dollar contracts.
George envisioned and established Byte’s customer-centric solutions development division, creating an actionable strategy designed to provide sustainable long-term profitability. By placing emphasis on excellence in execution and aligning the company’s professional services to meet the needs of its clients, a consultative sales culture was born, thereby clearly defining Byte’s value proposition and differentiation.
Based on this success, George was recruited by IBM to develop the market and secure a leadership position for Lotus software. He doubled revenues each year through securing business partnerships and applying solution selling. He was an early adopter of workflow concepts and knowledge management practices, and introduced solutions to the regional market, paving the road for IBM to fully absorb Lotus Development Corporation.

After engaging in a highly matrixed environment, George was brought back as Managing Director at Byte Computer and continued to expand the company’s revenue streams with an influx of new solutions and practices.
At SBR Consulting, George is providing sales transformation programmes to IT companies, particularly in the high growth areas of Cloud, Social, Mobile and Big Data, as the dominating forces that are contributing to the digital economy. Building people that build companies.

SBR Consulting are a specialist sales performance consultancy working with clients of all industries across 29 countries, focusing exclusively on creating High Performance Sales Cultures based on Successful Sales Habits. With an aim to liberate the sales potential in both individuals and organisations, the result is improved, sustainable revenue and proifitability increases.

About the Beyond Cloud series

Taking a conversational, interactive approach, we pose four broad but critical questions on the issues impacting businesses today to perspectives including Technologists, Strategists, Users, CEOs, Marketers and other Business and Thought Leaders across the sector. Each session begins with positioning our guest, by means of what Cloud means to their role and their business – either the delivery or use of cloud – including views on the risks and the opportunities. The conversations – each unique but overlapping as a result of the various points of view on offer – then move to the outcomes and promise of this technology and, from there, where and when regulation and standards should (or shouldn’t) come into play. We close with their views on what this cloud thing really means and where it is might take us, going forward.

The nature of our guests and the variety of discussion provides a broad set of insights which in whole or in part promises to deliver some clarity and a framework for understanding of the impact of cloud technology to all audience. We welcome your comments and feedback.

Produced by IntelligentHQ, hosted by Groupe INSEEC London and presented by Daniel Steeves, Beyond Cloud is a “mostly pitch-free” environment: discussions will necessarily include product and company references but, hopefully, used to illustrate rather than to sell.