Best Software-Related Podcasts

Best Software-Related Podcasts
Best Software-Related Podcasts

How do software development services and their programmers, developers, engineers, and other employees stay up to date on trends in the industry? One way is by listening to media — podcasts in particular. Not only are they informative, but they can also entertain and inspire you.

With so many software-related podcasts available, how do you decide on which one is the best choice for you? These are our top picks.

The Changelog

This podcast features conversations and interviews with engineers, leaders, and innovators in software development and open-source technology. Software development providers can find information and insights on languages, app development, data tools, and more.

The podcast also covers off-the-beaten-path topics and connects them to the lives of developers. For example, chapter #345, Quirk and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), features an interview with Evan Conrad, who suffered from panic attacks. He then developed Quirk, an iOS app that enables users to practice elements of CBT, the therapy that helped him cope.

The Cloudcast

Focusing on topics such as cloud computing, opensource, the Internet of Things, DevOps, and many others, The Cloudcast is ideal for both software development services professionals and those interested in software development outsourcing. The podcast looks at the technology and business changes that are powering digital transformation. It doesn’t just highlight the technology but also examines how cloud computing will change entire industries beyond Silicon Valley.

To that end, The Cloudcast features interviews with developers along with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, CEOs, and other professionals whose occupations are affected by software development and related technologies.

Developer on Fire

Ideal for software development services professionals in need of a little inspiration, Developer on Fire is a place to celebrate success stories. Listeners hear from software developers about how they got to where they are today, exposing them to the human side of software development.

Notable guests include David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails, and Matt Wynne, the CEO of Cucumber.

Full Stack Radio

This podcast is for software development providers who simply want to create better products. Each episode features a guest who discusses elements, tools, and other aspects of the development process, such as user experience, product design, unit testing, backend and frontend development, and much more. Specific products discussed include Gatsby, Now, and Livewire.

Programming Throwdown

Whether you’re new to the world of programming or are looking into outsourcing of software development and want to understand the basics, Programming Throwdown is the podcast for you. It’s ideal for all levels of experience in development and tackles topics ranging from teaching kids how to code to debugging apps.

A particularly inspiring episode includes an interview with Air Force Veteran Jerome Hardaway, the executive director of Vets Who Code, a nonprofit that teaches veterans how to program for free.

Soft Skills Engineering

Software development services professionals need skills beyond the technical. That’s where this podcast comes in. It addresses the soft skills that are a must for working on development projects and creating top-notch products, including teamwork, management, productivity, communication, salary negotiation, and many others.

For those who are looking into software development outsourcing, Soft Skills Engineering also delves into the hiring process. Plus, you can learn all about what additional skills you should look for in the people you employ beyond technical expertise.

Software Engineering Radio

Each episode of Software Engineering Radio offers an in-depth interview with a subject-matter expert in software development. The podcast covers topics such as languages, testing, frameworks, and system architectures. You’ll learn about both technical subjects like code quality and less specialized and niche areas like motivating programmers.

Software Engineering Daily

Listeners will hear stories and lessons from experts across software development on this podcast. Software Engineering Daily looks at trends and news through the lenses of professionals working at top startups and popular companies.

In a recent episode, for example, Tony Godar, a former PlayStation ecosystem engineer describes his work with game consoles and the challenges and culture of software development in the gaming world in general.


Offering advice on how to create a web app startup, TechZing is aimed at entrepreneurs and hackers alike. The podcast delves deep into tech-related topics and offers discussions and interviews with experts in the industry. Subjects are broad, ranging from filmmaking with an iPhone to the impact of CRISPR.

Software development services professionals will find plenty of value in these top industry podcasts — they provide information, lessons, tools, insights, and advice from experts. But non-developers can learn something from listening to them, too.

If you’re considering software development outsourcing or want to build a strong in-house team, these podcasts can help you understand what to look for in the professionals you hire. Or, if you frequently work with developers, they’ll give you a solid overview of the industry and help you stay informed about your colleagues’ work, ultimately allowing you to function better as a team.

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