Best PDF Reader

Best PDF Reader
Best PDF Reader

When the computer came and started automating every sphere of our life and business then the first process to automate in businesses was the sharing of documents. Documents are the most important things for any business. And these documents are a piece of papers that have all the required information for transactions, product details or anything else.

Need for Automation of Data Entry Process

Now the need for machine readable document arisen. Because hard copies were not suitable for computers to read and they must be converted in computer readable form for making them computer readable. The postal system was very slow in mailing the documents. And the slow process automatically decreased the earnings and increased the expenses of the business. The efficiency of the businesses was not good due to that old stone age postal system.

First Step Towards Automation

There was a need to automate this system and hence software were developed for typing computer editable and readable documents. The different software was developed, but there were always some flaws in all of them which made them unreliable and hence postal system was still used.

Development and Release Of PDF

But then PDF came, and it was highly used and recommended as the most reliable software for the said purpose. PDF was a software and a format in which the file can only be read and not edited. But still, it was very highly regarded because it was compatible with every operating system and computer.

Origin of PDF

In 1991, the co-founder of Adobe launched a program with a name as ”paper-to-digital” revolution. His main aim was to develop a software through which we can send any documents anywhere electronically. He came up with PDF. It was so successful that it became the industry standard. ISO then passed it. ISO stands for ”international standard organization” that sets the standards for different industries. PDF was such a big success that it became an industry standard and was accredited by ISO.

Features of PDF

Some special features in PDF were that it was a highly secure document. Some documents are of great importance because their misuse can prove too disastrous for business. Hence in PDF you can set a password on any document. Only the authorized person can open that document. And one of the best features is if you want to add your signature then there is an option for doing it, and you can do that with your touch mobile.

Need for The Best PDF Reader

But then there was a need for the best PDF reader take a look on pdfescape. Thanks to ”SODA PDF”. They made a highly-recommended reader for PDF documents which can even edit them. Their software received a lot of positive reviews and feedback from the users. The price is highly affordable, and they also have reseller program in which you receive a commission for a deal you make.

They also have online customer support center where you can ask any queries, and it will be answered by their competent and qualified staff. This reader reads the document and shows it as a book. You will get a feel like you are reading a real book. Everyone must download soda pdf reader.

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