Best 18 Picks to Buy Instagram Likes for Photo Popularity

Instagram has become a booming platform for brand engagement and building a robust fanbase. However, achieving success on the Gram largely depends on elevating an account’s following and engagement metrics. Likes, for example, are a pivotal factor in determining how influential your brand is. Viewers use it as a symbol of validation. So the more likes you have, the more visibility and credibility you get.

However, the complicated algorithms and the dynamic landscape of Instagram make it challenging to navigate the path to organic growth. It takes months or even years to build a reputation on Instagram if you’re trying to do it manually.

That’s where buying Instagram likes becomes crucial. The IG algorithms award visibility for posts based on engagement rate, and when you purchase likes you send that metric skyrocketing, earning you larger audiences.

One caution, though: they have to be real likes from real Insta users. Most sites sell “fake likes” created with bots, which won’t help with growth and can get your account deleted from the app.

Only reputable social media services sell legitimate Instagram likes, and these are the 18 best options.

The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes 2024

1. Twicsy

Purchasing real Instagram likes has never been easier than it is with Twicsy. Ranked by numerous publications as the best site for Instagram likes, Twicsy presents a convenient and effective way to boost engagement.

This provider offers eight packages of high-quality likes from real Insta users, starting at just 50 likes that are ideal for newer IG users and running up to 10,000 engagements that are perfect for influencers and large businesses. You can also upgrade to “premium” likes from active accounts that the algorithms love and reward with even greater exposure.

Twicsy’s prices are affordable, their delivery is instant, and you can split your likes packages between multiple posts. The website is designed to provide a perfect user experience, and all user information is fully protected. Customer support is available 24/7.

Best of all, Twicsy’s likes are better than any competitors’ at powering customers’ posts to greater exposure and their accounts to increased popularity. They deserve their #1 ranking.


  • The website is straightforward to navigate.
  • Competitive pricing options
  • Boasts of fast delivery of likes
  • Excellent results

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is as experienced as Twicsy at creating and delivering high-quality, real interactions for Instagram users, and they provide results almost as powerful.

Like Twicsy, Buzzoid offers multiple packages of standard real likes and premium likes, ranging from 50 to 10,000 authentic likes delivered instantly to your posts. That means there’s a package for everyone, whether they’re a budding content creator or a powerful influencer. All likes packs are priced reasonably and can be split between multiple videos.

Ordering likes from Buzzoid is a breeze, taking less than a minute on their secure website, and support reps are available day and night to handle any issues or questions. And these engagements trigger much larger audience growth for customers’ videos while enhancing their Instagram presence and boosting their importance on the app.


  • Fast turnaround
  • Delivers up to 10,000 likes
  • Offers split likes
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Excellent growth

3. Rushmax

If you’re searching for high-quality Instagram likes that won’t break the bank, Rushmax is another alternative worth considering. This provider is newer to the industry but has already started to make its mark with influencers.

Rushmax’s packages are tailor-made to suit every budget and account size. You can order anywhere from 50 to 10,000 legitimate likes for as little as $1.47, and upgrade to premium engagements for an extra fee. There’s rapid delivery, so audience and engagement growth begins almost immediately.

The well-designed Rushmax website makes it simple to choose and purchase your choice of IG likes package in just seconds, with all transactions fully encrypted and protected with secure servers. Around-the-clock customer support is able to handle any questions and problems, and also craft custom packages of followers, likes, and views.

Rushmax may not deliver growth quite as strong as our top-ranked services, but they come as close as possible and they’re improving their service every month.


  • Affordable packages
  • Delivers real likes from authentic accounts
  • Allows the purchase of up to 10,000 likes
  • Leads to organic growth

4. InstaPort

InstaPort is even newer to the game than Rushmax, but they’re worth serious consideration when you need Instagram likes.

The service provides instant delivery of authentic likes that spur growth on the app, offering a range of packages from 100 to 10,000 engagements as well as more powerful premium likes, all at prices no higher than other high-end competitors (and sometimes lower).

The website is simple to use and secure, user information is protected, and support is available 24/7. What matters most, though, is that InstaPort likes provide strong Instagram growth for videos and accounts.


  • Provides real followers
  • Allows purchases of up to 10,000 likes
  • Affordable packages

Services 5-18: Real Instagram Likes But With Some Limitations

Recommended Instagram providers 1-4 are the best you can find. The services that follow all have some positive attributes and some drawbacks, but they’re trustworthy vendors who sell all real engagements. The decision on whether they’re worth checking out is yours.

  1. InstaShop: High-quality likes but the growth they provide is disappointing.
  2. DVY Labs: Prices that are way too high, even though the service is excellent.
  3. InstaMiracle: Quite good, but not good enough to crack our top four.
  4. TheIGPros: Slow delivery hurts this otherwise good provider.
  5. InstaFame: The likes are just moderate quality but the growth is pretty strong.
  6. Genius Gram: Expensive geo-targeted IG likes aren’t worth their cost.
  7. Infinite Growth: Another pricey service that doesn’t provide good value.
  8. Pulse Pixel: The only real benefit of this supplier is the low prices they charge.
  9. Elite Insta: No single likes packages are available, only monthly packages.
  10. Follower Flow: Seems like a decent service until you realize that results aren’t great.
  11. Craft Comments: Long delays in receiving IG likes and seeing results.
  12. Lift Likes: A budget provider that doesn’t do much good for your visibility or growth.
  13. Impact Insta: Low-quality likes for surprisingly high prices.
  14. IGWinners: A very ordinary service; you can do much better.


Is this safe and legal?

If you’re buying real Instagram likes from a trustworthy service, there’s nothing to worry about. Adding authentic likes to your posts doesn’t break any IG rules and you won’t face any penalties for doing it. As for whether it’s legal, 100%. No laws in any country regulate the use of social media engagements, so go ahead and boost your Instagram presence by purchasing real IG likes.

What Information Do I Need to Provide?

Reputable providers only need you to provide your username and follow the prompts to receive your likes. Some will also ask for your email address, but only so they can send you a receipt. If you are ever asked for your Instagram password, hit the back button and leave immediately. No service needs your password unless they want to try and mess with your account.

What is the Turnaround Time?

Most services don’t waste time in delivering your purchase, typically delivering your likes in only minutes. They’re set up to process orders quickly, so your IG growth can start almost immediately.