What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Software Outsourcing Company

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Software Outsourcing Company
What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Software Outsourcing Company

Even though times have changed quite a bit in the last years, people still think have two fixed ideas regarding outsourcing. The first is that when you outsource development, you cut costs. The second one is that, since you’re cutting costs, the quality of the final work will suffer. If you’re among the ones that think that way, there’s news for you: you might still reduce costs but you’ll definitely won’t see your software suffer for it.

Software outsourcing companies have been improving their services for quite some time now. Thus, they’ve become great alternatives for any business in the need of development talent. And given that the U.S. is short 472K professionals with software development skills, maybe you should consider them too because there are more benefits than the financial ones. Let’s take a look at them!

1 – Get access to a larger talent pool

The report cited above speaks volumes in and by itself: there’s a shortage of talent in the US to cover all roles related to software development. Some of the talent that’s harder to find include crucial technologies such as Java and SQL, so it’s highly likely that your next software development project might be impacted by this shortage.

That’s when outsourcing development enters as a solid option. Instead of going through a lengthy hiring process in your area, you can save a lot of time by going with a remote development team. This will relieve you from having to pick the right candidates, interview them and make a final selection since software outsourcing companies already have their teams ready to work on cue.

Besides, you’ll be extending the range of available candidates. Usually, outsourcing companies have a long list of professionals experienced in a wide number of technologies. That means you’ll be able to collaborate with a team that suits your needs like a glove, without any of the limitations of your local job market.

2 – Save considerable time in the project

You won’t just save time when looking for the right developers to work with you. Collaborating with an outsourcing company means you’ll have more efficient time management throughout the development project. Consider the time you’ll be saving by outsourcing certain key tasks or phases of the project, such as QA testing.

If you were to leave the entire project in the hands of your in-house team, you’ll be limited by the times of your own staff. By outsourcing certain parts of the projects, your employees can focus on their specific tasks and move forward at a quicker pace knowing that the outsourcing company is working on the other aspects. It’s like duplicating your team’s efficiency!

Saving time during development has an added benefit—you’ll get your product out to the market quicker, as development will progress faster. This is a key advantage, since launching new products to the market provides you with a competitive edge that’s hard to rival.

3 – Work with seasoned experts

One of the best aspects of working with a software outsourcing company is probably one of the less-discussed – working with people experienced in all kinds of projects. The teams employed by these companies have tons of completed projects under their belt, comprising of different industries, languages, frameworks, and concepts.

This, in turn, gives those teams fresher and broader perspectives to deal with the different development challenges they’ll find on your project. Basically, this guarantees you’ll get new solutions and development paths as you move along, which will enrich your final product and (even better) teach your in-house team a thing or two that they might have been missing.

This experience also ensures that your project’s development will move along smoothly, as any bump the team finds in their way will be quickly discussed and dealt with through the lens of these seasoned experts.

4 – Mitigate the risks

There’s more in a good outsourcing company than expertise and talent—there’s also a strong sense of commitment with the higher standards of development. This translates to an increase in the security of the final product and the quality of the overall project management. A reputable software development team will bring along certain processes and methods to keep the risks of vulnerabilities to a minimum during the entire development.

Additionally, outsourcing companies often offer specialized teams for different industries. This means that they can provide you with a group of developers familiarized with your market and its legal framework. In other words, they can take specific laws and regulations into consideration when developing your software, creating it to be compliance-ready with your own industry’s standards. This will save you time ahead and bring a stronger product to your table.

5 – Get additional help during peak development times

Though outsourcing projects on a regular basis may bring the added bonus of building a tighter and more beneficial relationship with your provider, this might not work for you. Instead, you may find that outsourcing companies can be of great help in specific contexts or during brief periods of time.

For instance, you might be working on several aspects of your development project and feel like you aren’t spending enough time on testing. A remote team can jump right in and lend you a hand to get you out of trouble in no time.

A software outsourcing company can also help after your product has launched, keeping the software updated and patched in accordance with user feedback. Or it might even be a great help when you’re working on several projects and can’t handle them all. After these stressful periods have ended, you can go back to working with your in-house team with the peace of mind that you got the work done without ramping up your costs nor compromising your business’ structure.

Some final words

These general benefits apply to all reputable outsourcing companies, regardless of which model they use. Naturally, this means that you have to conduct serious research before hiring a software development company from a different country—not every outsourcing company out there can give you all these benefits!

How can you be sure that your prospective candidates can bring these advantages to your project? Make sure you take a look into their past projects, read the available reviews, watch testimonial videos that might give you some insights, carefully read their website to understand how they work and, finally, see how you feel when communicating with them.

All of these tasks require some time and effort but the reward is worth it: you’ll get to work with a company that will make your product better. What’s more – you’ll end up with a different understanding of what software outsourcing can be and you’ll surely end up considering it as a great alternative for your development work.

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