Beginners Guide to Trading Cryptocurrency

Beginners Guide to Trading Cryptocurrency

Trading in cryptocurrency can seem extremely attractive to people looking for a good return on their investment. There are many stories of traders becoming rich almost overnight by making the right trades at the right time.

Of course, traders can also lose money very quickly, and rather than trying to make a fortune in the first week, it’s often better to choose a long-term strategy that can produce high returns, even if they might not create billionaires.

Making the first trade can be the hardest one; after all, trading seems complicated. People are understandably nervous they will lose more than they can afford. It doesn’t have to be complicated, though, and some simple steps can help you make that initial leap.


Exchanges are the markets where the cryptocurrency will change hands. A trader needs to choose one, register by providing proof of identification and passing any relevant security checks, and then purchase the crypto by putting real money into their new account.

There are approximately 200 crypto exchanges, and it’s essential to take the time to read up on their terms of service and how the platform operates. Some will suit better than others due to ease of features, or helpful online support.

It’s vital to research an exchange thoroughly, as trading cryptocurrency is typically an online business, it is vulnerable to hackers. There have been unfortunate traders who lost all their funds, which hackers have illegally removed from the market. Ensure the exchange you are considering is compliant with cryptocurrency regulations to reduce the risk of an unnecessary loss.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

As there are so many exchanges, traders need a way to transfer funds between them. They also need somewhere to keep their crypto safe. This place is called a cryptocurrency wallet. There are many different types of wallets, and again the trader needs to spend time choosing the one that is right for them. When they have selected a wallet, trading can begin.

Information is Vital

A crypto coin can change value exceptionally quickly. The potential for profit is high, but so is the chance of a substantial loss. It’s a good idea to sign up for alerts from all the major cryptocurrency publications and follow experts that may give their advice online.

Experienced traders may have their own website or advice on social media. Follow as many good trading accounts as you can to get a good breadth of information. Never rely on one source before making a trade.

Use Technology

Trading online can seem complicated at times, and this is where technology can help. Some programs use algorithms to analyze and index crypto coins. Investors can use these tools to choose coins that are not as volatile to invest in, minimizing the risk of a significant loss.

Traders can build a well-balanced portfolio of crypto coins that are likely to perform well if not spectacularly. Having a stable portfolio may also allow enough spare money to invest in that risky coin you think could be a big winner.

Final Thoughts

Investing in cryptocurrency can be hugely rewarding. However, it is also fraught with risks of which traders need to be aware of. It is still a relatively new industry, and it is essential to only work with exchanges and coins that are compliant with the existing regulations.