A Beginner’s Guide to Building A PBN the Right Way


Are you looking for a fast and convenient way to reach your target audience online? Did you know that you can make money online by just owning a private blog network (PBN)? Perhaps you have tried various online strategies but never heard of a PBN. A PBN refers to a group of authority websites under your control and linking to your money site. Usually, the websites making the PBN consist of expired domains that extend the link juice to your money site to boost your ranking in SERPs. The idea behind PBNs is to provide you with a backlink shortcut and relieve you from the burden of creating or hiring a third party to perform the task.

Without further ado, let’s look at a step by step guide on how you can build your PBN and boost your SERP ranking and sales.

Plan for it

You need to plan well to build your PBN successfully. Research the number of PBN links you need to rank well and how much the exercise will cost you. Also, plan for your network structure, links feeding to your money site, and how you efficiently manage your PBN network. After planning correctly, you can engage in the actual PBN creation.

Use different content

As earlier mentioned, each website should be unique in terms of content and structure. There should be no similarity between the PBN links feeding to your money site or other online sites. Remember, the idea is to boost your ranking results. You can link the pages on the website to authority sites using 2 to 5 outbound links.

Each website should link to your money site only once, only if it has accumulated a few pages. Use anchor texts when connecting to your money site. However, the use of anchor texts will depend on the nature of your link profile. Use specific anchor texts if your link profile is diverse or use pure URLs if your domain is brand new.

Acquire domains from different registrars


Buying domains from the same registrar may force you to give fake details in the Whois section. By doing so, you risk losing domain/s, which could have cost you a lot. Thus, it is essential to buy domains with enabled WHOis guard, from different registrars. You should also ensure that you use the domain name system (DNS) of the registrar on a single domain. After buying the domains, you should host them. Each website should have its IP address. For instance, if the IP address is BBB.CCC.DDD.EEE, then the DDD, and the EEE should be different for every website constituting the network.

Review your PBN

Google will subject your PBN to a manual review to assess its credibility. It is thus essential to review it personally or ask for third party assessments and criticisms to correct any flaws. Ensure that your PBN websites are in the same niche as the previous domain before it expired. If adequately reviewed, Google won’t realize the black hat strategy of boosting your ranking.

Now that you are aware of all necessities to creating a good PBN, nothing can stop you from ranking well in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). All you need is to ensure that you buy domains from different registrars, do different hosting, and keep the websites unique. Also, the sites should be reflective of the previous domains before expiry.