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Photo of Peter Atkinson
Peter Atkinson
Fx Product Manager smartTrade Technologies

Peter Atkinson,  is Fx Product Manager at smartTrade. Peter is a specialist in FXeCommerce. His experience has been gained in the investment banks, delivering low latency pricing, market making, trading and risk management capabilities.  He has a strong background in both business and technology, working with development teams across geographic location (30+). His core strength is focused towards business delivery with a pragmatic approach to enterprise architecture.

He has a cross-asset front-to-back experience in capital markets in both volume flow (FX, Equities & Rates) as well as complex products (IRDs & EQDs). A particular focus is given on eFX low-latency pricing, risk management, high-frequency trading and timeseries-data.

His primary goal is to solve complex business challenges through technology innovation, management and delivery.