Peter Olyslager

Peter Olyslager is Partner & Managing Director of strategy company PJ Strategy in The Netherlands. PJ Strategy is specialized to help companies with growth, innovation, to improve results and to find the right directions even in highly competitive markets. Peter is very experienced to find new profitable directions for companies and is a recognized and a regular speaker on international conferences and seminars about how to improve results strategically even in highly competitive environments presenting amongst others The McEnroe Innovation: How to make your competition irrelevant. He developed and implemented many innovative strategies internationally improving results. Peter has 24 years of international business experience in general management, strategy, sales & marketing management with profit & loss responsibilities in many different industries like office equipment, cables & wires, plastics, raw materials, financial services, ICT, new energy, sports and chemicals. Next to his economical background, Peter enjoyed his MBA at The School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland in 2006 and received his strategic marketing degree with a NIMA-C, Hogeschool Brabant, Breda, The Netherlands in 1996.

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